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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
The Universal Truth -- Please Repeat After Me:

"Lack of foresight on my part does not equate to an emergency on anyone else's part. My inability to submit paperwork in a timely manner does not mean others will rush to fulfill my needs. My panic does not mean other people are required to have an answering adrenal response."


Current Mood: amusedmildly irritated/a lot amused

Ahhh, proverbial stuff beginning to get deeper and heading towards the oscillating device?

My computer is giving me TONS of unhappy-ness today, things emotionally are tenuously stable at the moment...but not sure how that is going to continue.

Bitty got a bath, Cleo her stitches out, plunked down the hundred Plus bucks to pay for that, which we could not afford, as usual...Chaos' first goal has been met...$300.00 that will probably be lost, since I am still trying to figure out how the rest is going to magically appears...Did I mention that the BFAA has basically No Other Fund Raising Events planned? The only other fund raising _Anything_ that is happening, is the member selling gift/greeting cards...*Sighs*

Love You, love the CD, thank you for last Sunday, I needed to get out...still need to get out, just not sure how far I need to get out, to begin to feel that life has some positives left in the long run.

*hugs* As I am guaranteed to have a *fantastic* week (for certain values of fantastic) I'll probably be happy to do lunch/coffee this weekend. (AKA teh boss is out this week).

As for this... actually, we had a carrier fax us a handful of "OUR DRIVER IS AT THE BORDER!" shipments that had not previously been sent to us. I have minimal sympathy for 'OMG!STUCK!' when it's not my fault the entries hadn't previously been sent in.

It's a damn shame that they're not doing more by way of fundraising, but I'm somehow completely unsurprised. It's a pity Blaine doesn't have as efficient and amazing a band booster group as, say, Ferndale.

Ah, yes, lack of foresight definitely has it's drawbacks...too bad they didn't think about things before they got their drivers stuck@! Ijuts!

As for coffee/lunch or something, that would probably be a very nice thing, as I need a brain boot, or boot to the head or something-or-other...

Life is still...well the way it is here, and you know how that is. I just don't know what the hell to do, one way or t'other.

So we'll touch base and decide where/when very soon. Oh and for what it's worth, M is taking the first two weeks of November off...lucky me.

Love ya!