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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

I don't hugely partcipate in the HP fandom, on or off line. I read fic -- generally on archives and have been known to occasionally wade through The Pit of Voles -- and write the occasinal bit of fanfic, but I mostly operate in a kind of fandom-vacuum (unless, of course, you count Fandom Wank, which is a fandom of its own, really.)

In any case, I was poking around today and ran across a couple of things that make my brain implode from seeing them too damn often.

The first is this:

Why do so many people fail to understand that the OWLs are tests administered and graded by people outside of Hogwarts? Particularly in stories that are set post-OotP? Did they miss the part where independent examiners showed up to give the tests?

I realize that most of the stories I read are written by American authors and thus by people who are completely unfamiliar with the British educational system... and in stories that were written before OotP I'm more than willing to give some leeway for this lack of understanding (since I'm not sure why I was aware of what the paralells were even before I read Lexin's excellent Schooling in the UK or How to avoid Hogwarts 90210. Probably some documentary or docu-drama while I was growing up, I suppose.

In any case, the tests (OWLs and NEWTs) are government-administered and government-graded. It's clearly obvious in OotP.

Why don't people understand that?

Frankly if I see one more mention of Snape grading Harry's Potions OWL I may just scream. Or actually start leaving critiques on FFn. I can see it now, becoming one of the random flaming assholes viewed by many as being canon-nazis.


This irritation is compounded by the second thing I saw today:

People refering to Harry living with his uncle.

Not his aunt. You know, the woman whose blood cements the ward that helps keep Harry safe?

I realize that Harry lives with the Dursleys, but Christ-world-touring-on-a-pogo-stick, that's because his aunt is married to the big, annoying jerk. Harry is not picked up from his uncle's house. He is picked up from his aunt's house. Vernon Dursley may figure largely in his homelife, but Petunia Dursely is the person that Dumbledore placed infant Harry with. It is Petunia Dursley that Dumbledore sent the warning owl-post to. It is Petunia Dursley who is charged with Harry's safety.

Petunia. Not Vernon.

Because Petunia is the one who is blood kin through her sister.

And I very much doubt that the Vernon Dursley living in JKR's head thinks of Harry Potter as being much other than a nuisance and drain on his finances that he tolerates for his wife's sake.

So, I have to say that the next time I see something like "Go pick Harry up from his uncle's house" I may have to throw something.

Or convince electrons to leap out of a monitor and beat the author about the head and shoulders with my inadvertently-ordered second copy of Order of the Phoenix.

And another thing:
Are all Americans really that damn ignorant of the gun-control laws in other countries? I mean, why the hell does Harry get shot so freaking often? Last I heard, Brits don't get to own handguns. I mean, WTF? I know that the right to bear arms is in our Constitution, but do we really not understand that's because it isn't in anyone elses?

WTF about covers it.

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I was just about to post in an older entry to see how you were doing and lo, up popped this lovely bit :D

*tickles the fuzzy dragon*

*giggles and purrs*

Actually, I'm doing fairly well. I keep meaning to write something when I get home from work, but have been too tired to bother much. Christmas decorating. Gotta love it.

...and I've been working on a piece for Kardasi's fest, so... (Now, if Snape would start talking to me and tell my Harry muse to shut up for a while...)

Work+Christmas=wordless exhaustion...

But you're working on a piece! Yay!
I don't know much about HP fandom but this Snape POV fic (linked in the Snitch; so glad I followed) was a pleasure to read.

Crap. This is the fic I was talking about



*hugs teh_arielchan*

frustrating sometimes, ain't it?

*loves HP, occasionally finds the ignorance of HP fans mindboggling*

*g* This is why I don't really read HP fanfic! Because it's silly and ignorant!

On the other hand, now that I've started writing some of my own, maybe I should pay more attention to the fandom. (/pimpage)

Niiiice. If you've any attraction for Snarry... (/more pimpage)