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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Someone thinks I'm not very bright.

I know there are many 'too good to be true' scams out there, but why the hell would I want to have anything to do with the following?



       I am Chin Seng, Attorney at law. A deceased client of mine, that shares
the same last name as yours, who died as the result of a heart-related condition
in March 12th 2009. I have contacted you to assist in distributing the fund lef
t behind by my client before is been confiscated. chiseng@wss-id.org

Best Regards
Chin Seng


I mean, seriously? Even if this had gone to an email addy that gives any indication of my real name (which it didn't), I'm completely baffled that someone would think I'd believe this is remotely legal, even if true.

*shakes head*

I'm totes going to shake down the estate of someone who shares my last name in the hopes that the the money isn't 'confiscated'. Uh-huh. Puh-leeeeeeeze.

Current Mood: amusedB*ch are you for real?