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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

Poll #1588842 Listening to the radio can be so inspiring, creating such faith in humanity... only not.

Inside every adult human male there is a slavering 14-year-old boy drooling obnoxiously over members of their gender(s) of preference. They Just Can't Help It.

Kinda true
Mostly false
Sexist, much?
Sorry, did you say something? I was staring at *bleep*'s *bleep*s
Ticky! Yay!

A woman on the radio was espousing that the way to prevent your man from straying is to constantly worry about your figure, have impeccable makeup, and do whatever he might be fantasizing about... and keep this behavior up constantly. Males, you see, are wired differently than women (true enough) but are helpless in the face of their hormones, so, girls, make sure those hormones are trained on you. And, boys, it must be exhausting to be you, what with the constant scanning for new sexual partners all the time because you can't help it.

I normally can't really stand Ryan Seacrest, but when he said "I'm sorry. I have to hang up on you now.", I just about cheered.

Although the dichotomy with the traditional view of women as being so predatorialy sexual that men had to control our sexuality was interesting. Especially as her solution is to pander to that sexuality, rather than make any attempt to control it (or ask our partners to do so).


Yeah, well I guess I must be male then....ROFLMAO!

I would say that it's true for men and women. However, a mature adult should be able to control that impulse. Some people can and some don't feel like trying that hard. The trick isn't constantly worrying about your looks. The trick is to find someone who thinks you're beautiful at four in the morning with your hair sticking up in five directions.

I agree -- if she'd been on about how *humans* are affected by their biology in that way, I would have been smirking about it 'cause it's true. But she was all 'Men are totally controlled by their inner 14-year-old-boy so you have to appeal to the inner teen *all the time* and I couldn't decide whether I was more offended on behalf of the guys or appalled on behalf of women/partners (I mean, seriously... pander to his sexuality every waking moment? Really? The only value we have to males is our looks? WTF!)

Yeah--no matter how good she looks, he WILL look at others. And occasionally fantasize.

If he's a mature, responsible, committed individual, this will not affect his faithfulness or affection to his partner.


That stuff just makes me sick, especially living in Japan where most of the women ARE in makeup and heels all the damn time. Not for the same reasons really, but still.

It's actually refreshing to see a 'natural' face once in a while. I think that might be part of why 'lolicon' is so common here (as opposed to outright pedophilia). Up until the end of Jr. High the women don't usually have makeup on (it's forbidden at school and they're in uniform more often than not)

I have to admit there were a lot of times the 3rd year students just seemed more attractive than their older peers to me, and it was because they didn't look like they were wearing a mask. >.<

But yeah. Sexist and stupid. Everyone is heavily influenced by their hormones, some control it well, some don't. *grumble*