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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
So what's *your* reason for not seeing the midnight showing of Eclipse?

The radio station I'm tuned to (at least until I can't take the top 40 garbage any more) is having people call in with their 'D*mn good reasons' to not attend the midnight showing(s) of the Eclipse premier.

My d*mn good reason (aside from working, duh!) is "Stephanie Meyer will never achieve one dime of my money with her misogyinst, 'I need a man to have any kind of meaning' BS. I know many feminists for whom the books are a kind of guilty pleasure akin to my sick fascination with the songs 'Shakin' Hands' and 'Next Contestant' by Nickleback. Then again, Nickelback has redeeming features. but... no. I'm not giving her any money and I'm pretty sure I support her publisher by buying other authors.

This, however, is nowhere near funny enough:

One of the radio hosts -- the girl, who is new-ish since the station I *liked* got bought out by Virgin Radio and whose name I can't remember because, seriously? She and Humor have a nodding acquaintance from across a football field -- she's having sloppy joes tonight, and that'll just take her all night to mow through.

Ky Tucker (whose humor is sadly crippled by the new programming standards) is scheduled to 'stand outside and listen to the wind.'

One call in stated 'I'll be asleep -- I have to get up early to get a haircut.'

But the best? 'I'm having an ingrown toenail taken care of... with an icepick and tweezers.'


So, anyone else have a good excuse for skipping sparkly vampires and terrifying fans?


Are sparkly vampires and terrifying fans not good enough reasons? Hmm Well I'll take everything you said and add I have to work at 7am tomorrow.

I think I have to dust my kindling.

Oooooh. That's a good one. *grins*

I had more important things to do like watch The Golden Girls and power level in Mafia Wars.

I've seen the movies but to me they are comedies... hilariously funny for all the wrong reasons.