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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Is it just me or are people unintentionally hilarious?

Two conversations this week:
Me: *waves*
BD: Board Dude

After the annual homeowners association meeting:

Me: Well, scheduling board meetings will be an adventure.
BD: Huh?
Me: I work nights during the week and the new guy works nights on the weekend. Everyone else works days.
BD: We'll figure something out.

Phone: BWAHAHAHA. You forgot to turn the ringer off!
Me: Damn. *checks number* Hmmm. Well, it *could* be the Customs investigator.
Me: Hello?
BD: Oh, hai.
Me: Hi. Whassup?
BD: I'd like to schedule a board meeting Monday at 7PM. What do you think?
Me: That I'll be at work.
BD: Er.
Me: I work nights.
BD: Um. All the time? What about weekends?
Me: I do not work nights on weekends but new guy does, yo.
BD: Got a better time?
Me: Not while I'm working noon to midnight, no.
BD: Huh. What about weekends?
Me: *headdesk*

I'm not sure which is funnier -- that he's never processed that I've said numerous times over the last year that I work nights during the week... or the fact he wants to hold the board meeting at the house of a now ex-board member.

No, really.

BD: I want to hold the meeting at so-and-so's house. I suppose I'll have to let you know if we hold it somewhere else because so-and-so doesn't want his Monday night interrupted by other people having a meeting in his kitchen at dinnertime.

Me: ...

I can't help it -- I find that kind of impenetrability all kinds of lollerskates funny.



Try to catch up with me before this weekend love...I will try to call you tomorrow evening if my mood is human enough to actually apply to someone other than family.

Hope BD gets his head out of...well you know!

Love Ya!