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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

Poll #1576979 Clearly it's been my week.

Which is more embarassing?

Getting locked out of your own office during buisness hours, or...
...not realizing for *five hours* that your fax machine was out of paper?

I'd vote, but I honestly can't decide. We kept telling people we hadn't received their faxes and were quite puzzled about it. *headdesk*


Circumstances certainly matter, but I could easily go 5 hours without noticing the state of the fax machine. (Then again, I use it very rarely.)

Still, "Out of paper?" does seem a key item on the checklist for "Is the fax working?".

Some work weeks are just better than others.

Very true. Unfortunately, all we noticed was that it seemed slow, not that we weren't seeing as many faxes as we were hearing rings on the machines or complaints that paperwork hadn't been recieved/done. *makes sad face for IQ demonstrated in the office today*

Oh dear, I have done the fax thing myself...however, when the call came in that the fax was sent "hours ago" I finally figured out the machine was down...*sighs* As for locking self out of office, yeah, been there, but the worst part was that there WERE others inside who saw what happened.

As for IQ in the office, well, we know about that...just sayin'.

Hugs n much love