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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
*stares blankly*

Dear Client, potential clients, and anyone who wants to export stuff to the US:

There are some words that your Broker never wants to hear:

1. "I don't think I need to pay Customs because I was ignoring my email, my fax machine, and the physical snail-mail sent to me by the US Customs Service."

2. "These goods come from Cuba and North Korea. How do I get them into the country without paying an absurd amount of duty?"

3. "I have no idea where these goods come from or even what they are. Just import them."

4. "I didn't know that [insert thing that's been explained over and over and over again] has to be true to qualify this stuff for NAFTA/U. S. Goods Returning. I just thought I could get duty/fee-free treatment just because I wants it my precious"

You. Scare. Me. Especially you! Over there! With the 'I dunno what it is or where it came from, but I'm going to send it into a foreign country because it's not like anyone cares!' Don't think I can't see you hiding behind a tiny ripped flag that reads 'ignorant by choice'. Whomever it was that told you it was an invisibilty cloak was lying. Be grateful that I caught you! *spankspankspank*

Current Mood: crankycranky

i'm trying to think of what i'd WANT to import from north korea. cuba, i'm guessing, would be cigars.

I haven't actually heard that one -- but you're guaranteed I don't want to, either. ;) Although I have gotten the 'how do I get this across the border w/o paying duty/as much duty'? I think my favorite was the guy with textile backpacks who insisted they should be classified as non-textiles. We refused to clear it at the border so the goods were sent air -- and whaddaya know, no one in New York was willing to call them suitcases (or whatever he thought we should use instead of backpack), either.

Although we do see imports for S. Korea -- engine parts, primarily. But it sure is fun when we have to call them up and say "Dude, specify."

I'll make you pay column 2 rates, don't think I won't. *snorts*