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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Omg I hate travel

Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone who knows me, I suppose.   I am moderately unfond of typing on the iPhone.

Seriously, I manage to get packed and out to the taxi, but can I merely take advantage of the seriously awesome driver?  (He went on break just to keep me from waiting for about 20 minutes in the cold.  So darn nice!) I cleverly managed to leave my purse (not my carry on) in the taxi.  Brian,the driver, met the airporter shuttle at the airport when I called him.  So if you're ever using yellow taxi in Bellingham, you should request him, he's really nice.

Geez, can't we be farther than Lake Samish?  I'm getting a bit motion sick.  Just so you all know, Enya is totally a bad way to try to stay awake.  Typing out an email on the iPhone is working much better for that.  The seats kind of help, too, because they are nowhere near as comfy as they look.

Anyhoo, I'll add to this later, when the status bar of my handy phone (which just gave me a random spelling suggestion of hantavirus 0.o;) tells me I have network connectvity.

Actually, I'm going to go with random updates, or at least try to.  I'm at Sea-Tac now.  It can come as no surprise that people are... special.  Really, really special.  When I checked my luggage, the folks ahead of me had apparently paid no attention to the 'Thine checked baggage shall be less than or equal to 50 lbs, else we shall fine you $50'. They were trying to pull 2 lbs out of their checked bags when I was allowed to go through a different lane.

At the TSA security checkpoint, the clever souls ahead of me had:

1. A can of V8

2. Two items, liquid or gel, over 3 oz, never mind being confined to the silly little bag you have to have.  The gentleman of the pair looked quite put out about surrendering whatever it was.

3.  Pudding cups.  Seriously.  Apparently TSA chick was choosing to interpret 3 oz rather liberally, felt sorry for them, or quite seriously doesn't understand the difference between fluid and dry ounces.  I'd have to double check physically, but those pudding cups looked like they were about a half cup each.  That they probably weighed less than 3 oz doesn't surprise me at all.

One has to wonder if they looked into the changes in air travel at all.

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Weeelll, the folks trying to cut down two pounds MIGHT have weighed their bags at home on an inaccurate scale. (Our bathroom scale would give you readings five minutes apart that varied by up to seven pounds.) But that last couple has no excuse.

This is true. Thing is, they didn't imediately pull anything from the bag -- it wasn't until the repeat of $50 got through their heads they started looking. The guy was all 'so it' s 2 lbs over, so what?'. Like they weren't subject to the rules. It was one of those entitle attitudes that got me . They weren't apologetic at all, just miffed.