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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Dear Extremely Clever Person:

You do not get to determine whether or not your shipment requires EPA forms.

The law gets to determine whether or not it needs EPA forms.

Us? We get to determine whether the law applies and spare you and your driver a great deal of pain and anguish when Customs decides to enforce the law.


*laughing in hysterical disbelief*

P.S. Just because another office failed to ensure you had the EPA form doesn't mean that you weren't violating the law when you crossed without them. Yes, pretty much any time that you don't have one for a giant-ass engine, you are wrong if you don't have one. Seriously.

*hoping the random number generator bites you on the ass*
--Me, again

Dear Much Cleverer Person:

You know, the fact that your usual supplier has gotten themselves on the "Banned for being Dumbasses" list with Customs, your thought about choosing to find another supplier? TOTALLY a good idea. As much as I'd prefer to guarantee that your shipments come through my port, I have got to applaud the application of critical thinking. We don't see *nearly* enough of that in this buisness.

*feeling the urge to hug you, because sensible people are hard to find*

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