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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
In which babies are compared to ice cream...

OMG, what?

If I, for some strange reason, wanted to touch a baby (not happening, I'm terrified of dropping one on the head and they're not all that interesting before they can talk) I personally would ask first, but...

Strangers want to touch babies because they are small, round and lovely.

Babies are the human equivalent of an ice cream cone and I, for one, frequently want to lick the tops of their little heads...

What is that? Aside from terrifying, that is.

*stares in horror*


i was in target with daniel a few weeks ago and people wanted to touch his face and hands. i was on the verge of macing them and slapping hands while saying "NO!!!" firmly.

Can't say I'd blame you. Especially if they're like Ms. Alkon and think the world needs baby-flavored ice cream.

I can understand wanting to touch things that are soft and warm and alive (there's a reason I molest my cat ;) but I'd *never* consider touching a kid, much less an infant, without prior permission. And, on the whole, I'd never seek to touch a child that didn't belong to someone I know.

...also, babies are like ice cream, CREEEEEEPY! *iz weirded out by the very idea of licking baby noggins*