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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Dear Customs:

I can haz my offcialzes results, kthnxs?

-- Me

In general terms, provided I didn't do anything radically stupid while filling out the bubbles on my answer sheet (like, say, getting off a line, but I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if I had) I passed the Customs Broker Licensing Exam.

Still, there's something sad about thinking "God, I suck for attaining a measly 83.75%" Seriously, I thought attending HMC was enough to cure me of that kind of nonsense.

Ooooohm, I am not my grades, especially as all I have to do is pass... ooooohm.

Then again, in an environment where most everyone is probably smarter than you, it's easier to accept when you suck at everysomething.

Dear Harvey Mudd, you were supposed to cure me of the "I has brain, see me roar," too. Of course, six years as a cashier at a gas station will give *anyone* a superiority complex...

"Sir, it says 'press the cash button to turn on the pump' right here. Until you do, I can't turn your pump on."

"No, ma'am, the yellow sleeve blocking your attempt to use Pump 7 says 'Out of Service' not 'Here to keep the nozzle warm and comfy for your fingers.' The pump is broken, not heated."

"I'm sorry, have you mistaken me for someone who cares if you get your drunk on tonight? No ID, no beer."

"Strangely 'The power is out' does, indeed, translate to 'no, you can't pump your gas right now.' Even if the pumps didn't need the electricity, I can't actually use the till or give you change at the moment."

"Hon, next time you want to buy cigarettes for a half dozen of your underage friends, you might try not asking for four different types of cigarettes in a random assortment of light, ultralight, menthol and/or non-filtered. It also helps if you don't have a written list and buddies hanging out right outside the door."

"Your total is $10.66. Hey, that sounds like a good year to invade England if you're French!.... what do you mean, what do I mean?"

"No, Coworker D, Normandy is not in Iceland... and Venice != Venezuela. How did we get on this topic again?"

"Lady, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you ask your daughter what the Crusades were. No, don't ask me to settle your bet about it, I'll be forced to hurt you. Or run away screaming in terror."

"I can't come out and fix the pump, sir, it's not broken. We're out of gas. What do you mean, you thought that I could make an exception for you? Even if I could magic gas into the tank, why would I do it for someone I've never seen before?"

"Actually, no, your BMW and 3 piece suit do not entitle you to thirteen percent off your pack of gum. Give me the 15 cents you're short for $1.15 or GTFO of my store. Oh, you're never coming back to a place where the cashiers are rude enough to make you pay full price..?" *door swishes shut* "I wonder if he realizes that flouncing out works so much better with petticoats and doors you can actually slam?"

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This. All of this.

"Sir, it says 'press the cash button to turn on the pump' right here. Until you do, I can't turn your pump on."
Why is it so difficult for people to read signs and work a gas pump? It's extra special at my store, because we only have pre-pay gas. People will stand outside and stare at the pump, then come inside and laugh (at least the good ones laugh) about how they didn't realize it was pre-pay. Perhaps if they actually read the sign they were blankly staring at?

The stupidest thing that I've heard a customer say is that he doesn't use cell phones, because they can cause face cancer. This man smokes two packs a day. *headdesk*

Also, no, you are not you're grades, but I know the feeling. I hope your exam results come out well.

i was wondering if you knew yet!

Not officially -- I've corrected the test using Customs' answers, so now it's just the trying to be patient for the official notification.