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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
I'm calling CHUCK NORRIS!

Best. Thread. Ever.

The post is pretty amusing, too, in that OMG, people can suck kind of way.


thank you. i hadn't even gotten to the comments yet on my post so i was amused that you linked to them.

how goes the studying for the broker exam?

*waggles hand* Some days good, some days bad. I take old tests and occasionally wonder why Customs feels the need to wash out people by being jerks and referring to stuff that's essentially hidden. Yes, we should read the whole of the Regs, but for love of all holy things, some of this stuff is just stupid.

(for example, the information about employees of brokers? Readily available in the Customs Brokers section of the regs. Information on employment length and such for the broker qualifying the license? sixty subchapters later. It's like, pardon me for thinking that the Customs Broker chapter would tell me the qualifying broker has to be employed for at least 10 days to count, not 177, which has to do with something else entirely. Grrrr.)

But I'm working. I'm trying to be confident. And, hell, if I don't pass, then hopefully I will in October, right?

because if the test is too easy, the terrorists will win?

we go to the new imaging system tomorrow and i might have to stab my wrists to bits with my staple remover -- it's so buggy right now. i told my supervisor this and she just replied that i'd better do it off the property and on my own time because she's not cleaning up the blood or filling out the paperwork if i kill myself.

then again, i might take out any pent-up rage on the co-worker from hell who is making me dream fondly about going through labor and being on maternity leave with a screaming baby.