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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

I've mentioned the whole "studying for the Customs Broker Exam" thing.

I don't think I've mentioned just how much it scares the spit out of me -- enough that I've avoided doing more than reading an occasional question from former exams as they come up in my study guides.

It's slow tonight.

For example, slow enough that I decided that I'd, oh, see how far I could get on last October's exam (lets not discuss the part where it's a four hour exam and I've had time to do it.) Sort of a challenge to myself to reduce the terror factor.

To everyone who spends time with me RL -- I've mentioned I hate legalese and some of the nervousness, but I don't think I've ever said just how bad the idea of the exam scares me. Seriously. Even ignoring the (ZOMGONGOING) cost of materials and resources I have to posess, it's $200 just to take the bloody exam. It's an open book test and, unlike Dr. Olsen's history exams they're written like it. With crap NOBODY CARES ABOUT! NOBODY! except, maybe customs out to institute a freaking bounced check fee. For love of all holy things.

I started a bit after 8. I've been interrupted a few times. I don't have my notes and have a not-quite-current copy of the Harmonized Tariff Code.

Not counting the questions I know I could have looked up if I actually had all my notes and materials?

51/80 --> 63.75%

I need 75% to pass.

If I add the ones I know where to find the answers/am pretty sure I would have gotten right when I double checked what I was doing (I wasn't exactly being hugely careful):

62/80 --> 77.5%

Until I finish taking a few dozen more samples (and keep studying, as some of what I missed was stuff I haven't finished reading yet, despite having finished reading one of my textbooks) I'm not going to let that go to my head. I'll bloody well take a bit more time with some of the questions (oh, yeah) but... 63.75% without the crutches I'm supposed to have for the test.

*iz cautiously pleased*

But I'm less scared of the actual test-taking, a little more confident in Tonj and Sarah going "You're going to do fine!"

(Because, there is totally something to fear in tests that have, on average, a 10 to 12 percent pass rate. Not to mention a subject where it's valid to ask "These are the components of a 'hairdressing kit'. Which item gives it it's 'essential character' -- the comb, brush, towel, scissors, hairstyling gel, or shampoo?")

...okay, I'm tooting my own horn, but I seriously got to the end and went "I've been terrified of... what, exactly?" Which means the next one I do this with will kick my butt for thinking it's not as awful as I've thought it would be.

Current Mood: ecstaticastonished

having taken the lsat (which i'm not sure is better or worse), all i can say is this:


you work with the hts every day (and you can actually get it online btw) and the test is meant to measure your ability to do that as well as make decisions involving it. of our six people who are broker's, maybe 4 of them actually have a college degree and none their degrees are in anything resembling import brokerage so... there's really no advantage to the test other than just knowing the day-to-day use of the materials.

at least according to my boss who passed it 15 years ago.


Do your best. Study as much as you feel you need but not to the point of mentally exhausting yourself and losing your edge.

Just relax, have confidence in yourself and do your best.

I am sure you will do better than you expect. :)


I know you will do better than you are worrying about...cause I know you...

If it helps your worried self any...I will keep a candle lit for you, until you have passed.

Love, N Snuggles,