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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

"When you gave me these, did you really expect me to do them? Or were you just trying to fob off A-chan by giving me something to do?"

"...? What?"

Okay, I admit, I hadn't really thought much about handing off the entries in question until told to... but, yes, S, if I give you something to do, I expect you to do it. Also? A-chan outranks both of us. She's the shift supervisor.

Technically, I should not have protested when she told me to give you entries nor should you have complained about already having "something to do" which, as far as I can tell, consisted of a 3 minute personal phone conversation.

*iz boggled*

Seriously, what was that? I are so confoozlated by that kind of thing.


yes, you expected her to do them. would you have given them to her otherwise????

(there's a reason i stayed home today from work.)

Well, it's no real surprise -- after all, this is the same person who claims "If I could record the boss and how she treats us -- especially me -- all of her friends would hate her and shun her!"

...I've worked 10 and 12 hour shifts where I've seen the boss on day shift. She's not some kind of monster -- she's just someone who expects a modicum of... oh... competence out of her people, especially the ones, like S, who have over 10 years of experience. Our boss is a bit temperamental and loud, but unless she gets a personality transplant before I get to work, it really isn't that bad.

(What can I say -- I'm one of the favorites.... because I do my job and then some. S can't figure out why she's criticized a lot -- but it's because she *doesn't*. And, of course, she's in M's corner because the boss is riding M over "No personal calls/emails/text messages/etc" because M wastes an hour or more a *day* over them. These things make the boss a bitch, apparently. Odd that people who are doing their jobs competently don't spend their time getting talked to (and talked to and talked to.)


Odd that people who are doing their jobs competently don't spend their time getting talked to (and talked to and talked to.)

it never ceases to amaze me how the most incompetent people can still employed in this economy.

(i'm alone with my "special" person tomorrow. think good thoughts for me.)

*iz thinkingz teh_good_thoughts*

One of the downsides to corporate america -- you would not believe the agony one has to go through to get the okay to fire. Mind you, I'm often grateful for working for a German company that takes social responsibility and responsibility to its employess very seriously (the collapse of Express aside) but my boss has to have permission to both hire and fire, and it takes innumerable hoops to get an okay to fire someone.



I hope your "special someone" is a little less "special" today, though. Have a great weekend!

actually... our former brokerage owner has told us that you pretty much have to have all your ducks in a row to fire someone, especially as our state labor board will take the side of the fired peron.

my company seriously starting vulching your customers when express collapsed. it was rather embarrassing. i also tend to think that some of the stuff on the website belongs in a cult handbook (not a corporation) but that's just me...

my "special" person was largely ignorable today though it helped that i had my ipod with me and just tuned into it while i worked. (my nano has paid for itself in the last 9 months.) i just had a pretty decent pile of nafta's to deal with after being gone for two days. (apparently, i'm the only one who knows how to use excel?)