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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
I wouldn't normally do this, but... Prop 8 in California bugs me

...and so much of what this man says encapsulates my feelings on "gay" marriage.

My basic arguments for marriage (where marriage should be any number of people above the age of consent who wish to join households) have little to do with my feelings about it. The logical argument has nothing to do with the emotional one.

What is it to anyone that two people are in love and want to marry? What does orientation matter? Race? How is the "sanctity" of marriage (which the divorce and abuse rates make mockery of, by the way) protected by not allowing everyone the same chance of happiness with one another? How is telling people to lie to themselves and others about how they feel somehow right and saintly and perfect? How many of that 50% of marriages that fail, fail because someone was trying to be something that they weren't? Isn't forcing gays to try (and fail) at relationships they don't even want to have far more sullying to the institution of marriage than allowing them to marry one another and have a real, fighting chance?

Love is love. Get you some.


I agree love is love so I'm sending some love!!!

From one friend to another.

Lots of Hugs, Happy Thanksgiving! Christina

Hugs from Jillian too!