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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
The "Bzuh?" Tariff of the day


Ice bags; douche bags(?), enema bags(??), hot water bottles, and fittings therefor; invalid and similar nursing cushions(...); dress shields (...?); pessaries(...??); prophylactics; bulbs for syringes(?!); syringes (other than hypodermic syringes) (read turkey baster) and fittings therefor, not in part of glass or metal

I... have no real words for the combination of items that fall under this tariff. I think it might actually beat the Umbrellas --> Whips chapter.

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule: When Anime is not enough of a WTF


Are you asking what pessaries ARE, or asking why they fall under 3926.90.2100?

And there are pure plastic syringes that aren't turkey basters; the vet gives you one with the cat's worm medicine, f'rinstance.

Nah, just that they're all classified identically to ice bags, condoms, and turkey basters (and, yes, I know that plastic syringes come in more flavors than turkey basters, but for some reason condoms and turkey basters together made me giggle.)

It's one of the things that's both hilarious and frustrating about the HTS, it's my job to use it to classify objects crossing the border, but I'm not sure that, upon seeing a shipment of condoms, the first thing I'd think is "Gee, what was the tariff for ice bags and pessiaries again?"

Well, that and going straight from ice bags (wherein I envision the ones at the gas station) to enema bags was very... WTF? I see the logic, but still.

Condoms and worm medicine are kind of a O.o moment as well.

do you actually SEE those coming across where you are? if so, i swear your life is SO much more interesting than mine!

(we get all the oilfield stuff.)

Well... if I remember right, it was one of those "O, hai. Customerz can has crossing back East, ushully?" sorts of things and I was checking the classification of the goods. And going O.o when I read the complete tariff. Usually it's all kinds of engine parts for us. It's funny how it always seems to be "And this border shall see.... TOFU! and occasional squirrels. And this border shall see... SWIZZLE STICKS! and random Icelandic handcrafts."