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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
They say that there are no stupid questions...

because the person asking is trying to remedy their ignorance.

But... if such a thing as a stupid question exists, it might look like this:

Me: *waves*
ID: Ignorant Dispatcher

Special appearance by.... you guessed it! The PHONE!

Phone: *brrring*

Me: Oh, shut up.

Phone: *BRRRRRRAINS I mean brrrring!*

Me: *picks up phone*
Me: Thank you for calling, this is vasaris, how can I help you?

ID: Who did you say this was?

Me: Bzuh? vasaris, er, why?

ID: I'm Ignorant Dispatcher man, and I'm working alone this week and I was wondering... well, you know those huge enormous giant titanic shipments? The ones we usually send you guys with about an hour of lead time while expecting you to get them all done before our drivers hit the border?

Me: I wish I didn't. Truly. Expecially as we make nothing on them. ...yes?

ID: Would you mind if I fax them to you tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow?

Me: Is this a trick question? No, seriously, I insist you wait until we're under incredible time pressure and more prone to mistakes that hold up your drivers! Do you mean you usually have the paperwork for these things 24 hours in advance? Srsly? AND YOU HAVEN'T BEEN FAXING EARLY? WTF?

Me: Of course you can!

ID: Okie! Bye!

Phone: He dun wanna talk to you anymore. *bzzzz*

...We've been on them for six months to fax as far ahead of time as humanly possible. And, despite us telling him that they can fax the paperwork with the completed paper manifest telling us where the shipments are crossing, they've insisted on waiting for OMG!LAST!MINUTE!DO IT NOW!!!!!! Today, the guy asks "Hey, if I just do the regular manifest, can you do the entry?"

*headdesk* Yes, yes, a bazillion times yes!

*iz still boggling*