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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Purchasing headstones = intention to murder...

Who knew?

Okay, I can understand being irritated by my spouse purchasing and engraving headstones without talking to me. As the one potentially being interred I'd want him to talk to me about it, but FFS people, for all we know they were having 2-for-1 day at the grave statuary place or the funeral home/cemetary offered good rates on the "prepay for your funeral" insurance and he thinks he's being a good guy by dealing with something many people don't want to even contemplate.

Seriously, Jan and I were talking about this a couple of days ago: it's just common sense to plan ahead and spare your relatives and friends. For me there's the obvious issue of having no close blood kin *at all*, for her it's sparing her children, but in any case at all it's about not burdening people who have just been handed a horrible shock both the need -- and expense -- of dealing with your corpse. Yes, it's morbid, but for love of all things holy (and possibly not so holy) it's not somehow evil to, oh, buy a headstone for a grave plot that's already been purchased, for the person who supposedly is going to use it.

*iz completely boggled*

And, yes, I'm very unsympathetic in reply to the post. The woman isn't complaining of being afraid, indicating that she's being abused, or anything of the sort. She's complaining that her pet alpha male is doing alpha male type things after a lifetime of living with said alpha male. I suspect him to be an old school alpha male, which means he may have tendencies toward being what I, somewhat generously, call "being a gender-biased donkeybong." Still, he's an alpha male (probable) head of household trying to look out for her and any children by paying for funerary expenses in advance.

I don't think it's surprising or even disturbing. Would it be irritating that she wasn't consulted? Sure, especially with the expense of a headstone (which, one notes, she could probably arrange to be shipped elsewhere to be used if she doesn't want to be interred where she is) but FFS, if she doesn't know that he's an old-style alpha male after 37 years, she needs to pull her head out of her nether regions. If she doesn't like the arrangements he's made, she needs to make her own instead of blathering about him being himself.

(and, yes, I'm trying to moderate my swearing, because we have recently been forbidden to do so at work. Boo. So, if donkey is another word for ass, does anyone have a good replacement for hole? Although I kind of like the flow of "donkeybong." It glides nicely off the tongue, what with the vowels and all.)


Good Replacement for "hole" ? Maybe Donkey Crack (crack is a hole) Donkey Dimple?

Other synonyms for Jackass are;softhead, tomfool, mooncalf, halfwit,Rocky Mountain canary, dolt, or neddy.

By the way what are your favorite colors?



I forgot to sign in with my LJ user ID. That comment on Jack Ass was by me, Grace1930.

What are your favorite colors? in case it got lost in the other comment.