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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
TV corrupts the morals of young women!

According to the radio station I was just listening to, watching TV with sexual content makes it much more likely for teen girls to get pregnant! So, parents, you should probably regulate what your little girls watch more closely!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen! Your daughters will get pregant if they watch reruns of Sex in the City! Clearly they should be watching Barney, or something.

The sexual activity of your sons means nothing! You MUST PROTECT YOUR DAUGHTERS! OMG!.

It makes me ill. Seriously.

What the stuipd bint (and yes, thank you for your lovely demonstration of feminine misogyny) on 103.5 QMFM was, in fact referring to this study. Of course, news sources aren't clear on whether the study shows a causal or casual relationship between teen pregnancy and sexualized programming. After all, it seems fairly likely that teens inclined to sexual activity are more prone to watch sexually suggestive or explicit fare. So, is it the chicken or the egg? Do they watch sexually suggestive TV and decide that sex is teh_coolies, or do they think sex is teh_coolies and decide that shows that depict sex in a positive light are what they want to see.

Frankly, without reading the actual study, what it sounds to me like is that researchers -- shockingly -- found what they were looking for... a link between "sexy" TV and kids having sex, but the conclusion that it immediately implies "sexy" TV is causing them to have sex is incredibly insulting to both the kids and the shows themselves.

Most shows with significant sexual content are marketed to adults, not teens. It is not the job of the shows to educate kids in their sexuality, in the inherent pleasures and responsibilities in it -- that's on the parents.

More than that, it's an insult to the kids. The assumption that they're not responsible for their choices (OMG, TV made you do it! The TV is SATAN!), that they're not capable of beginning to take responsibility for what they do and what they choose to do or not do is an insult to teenagers. They aren't babies. While they're not fully adult, neither are they helpless lumps of clay.

I'm not saying that TV hasn't got an effect. I'm sure it does. But asking a bunch of kids if they got pregnant/got others pregnant and, btw, did you watch any of these TV shows regularly doesn't prove anything other than sexually active kids found ways to watch sexually suggestive or explicit TV. And if you're shocked that sexually active kids also enjoy the same mature content that adults do, you're a moron.

Gee, I wonder, if you did a survey of adults between the ages of 25 to 40, what's the correlation between "sexy" tv and pregnancy?


You know my grandmother had no TV to watch in 1936 when she was 8 months pregnant with my mom and just getting married.

A lot of women in our family tree were pregnant before marriage and many as young as 12 and that was 100+ years before movies and TV. I don't know maybe on the Mayflower when they came over they had suggestive R rated shadow puppet "movies" to pass the time? Otherwise this whole study is flawed.

My mom was 16 when she had me, married, but still 1953 not a lot of sexy TV on. Heck even Lucy and Desi slept in separate beds. So TV did not influence either if them getting pregnant at an early age or out of wed lock.

I think some people need to redo their research.

Our girls were allowed to watch what would be adult R rated movies( no porn of course but movies like Porkeys, Fast Times at Ridgemont High) in their pre and early teens. We were with them at all these movies and used it as a means of communicating about sex with them. Lots of really hysterical conversations came from those movies and education! Jill and I still have some great conversations over aspects of sex I never could have had with my mom. Thank goodness she won't go into a relationship thinking things are taboo or kinky that are perfectly normal.

Once my daughters knew everything that we could teach them ( and a lot they taught us sometimes) then they were told they were on their own to make that decision when the time came because we would not be there to make that decision. They knew all the consequences of what could happen so they had to take responsibility if something did happen if they chosen to have sex.

I explained why it was important to me to wait until I was married to have sex but they were individuals. And though I would prefer their waiting for many reasons, I would stand by their decision and not judge if they chose to go a different route and not wait.

Then there were the kids that were friends of my daughters that were not exposed to such "lewd and suggestive" movies. They were the ones who asked me at sleep overs and in car rides home "Mom, what is oral sex?" Their friends all called me mom. Many of these kids still had sex that were not allowed to see anything but PG or PG 13 movies and TV and most their parents had no clue they were sexually active.

I personally think parents need to be very open about sex from the time the child is born. As soon as they can touch themselves the race is on for most parents to make sure they do not find out how enjoyable sex is. I say forget putting sex out of their reach teach them safe and appropriate ways to express that natural itch!

Hence my feelings that we teach children that masturbation is not only OK but healthy and SAFE. Buy your daughter a vibrator, get your son some magazines or whatever (I have not raised boys so not a lot of advice on that side). Put locks on their doors and tell them this is something done in private, be discreet, and don't try to stop what is going to happen anyway.

Then a lot of kids would be sexually satisfied and not feel pressured to have sex. The teen pregnancy rate would go down, abortions would go down and less STDs.

Plus teach them the difference between real love and sexual satisfaction. There is a difference between just fucking and making love. Many kids do not get that message. And when lonely, bored, or depressed will turn to the first person who will "comfort" them.