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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
*snorts pop through nose*

Hey, guys. I've got news for you -- five grand isn't much money. The discussion in question was spawned by a 25-year-old girl demanding that her non-custodial-but-not-deadbeat father cough up $5000 for her wedding. After I frothed at the mouth because of the response given by the advice columnist, it occurred to me that the little witch was suffering from the embarassment of having a parent who belongs to the firmly-middle-to-lower-middle-class. Poor dear.

I am, however, reliably informed by rayandoelsol that $5000 isn't much money, really.

Lessee, if I had $100/month to pay it off at no interest (which I don't) that'd take me... Huh... Four years and two months to pay off. Because it's not that much money.

Anyone want to start on the list of things that one could do for $5000 that have a more lasting effect? I was thinking a new roof, or getting the house painted and at least partially landscaped. How about buying a new car for slipup? Maybe a vacation?

Christ, I just forked out $1000 for plane tickets and that made me damn sad. $5000 isn't that much money? WTF, man.