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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Best idiot comment from yesterday

vasaris comes into work.

Boss-lady: Think you can do this? It's Ugly-Account-That-The-FDA-Keeps-Getting-Pissy-About.

vasaris thinks about it.
vasaris: As long as it's the usual stuff, yeah.

Boss-lady and Coworker-who-Usuall-Does-UATTFKGPA leave.

vasaris starts work on UATTFKGPA.
vasaris stares at file.
vasaris considers that the universe seems to hate her. There's three items on this list that are not on the Handy-Dandy "This is what this crap is, here's all the neccesary info for the FDA, just type it in!" sheet. The tarriff numbers given seem to be... not quite right.
vasaris does not want to fuck about with the FDA. The FDA is MEAN.
vasaris picks up phone. "Ummm, boss-lady?"

Boss-lady: Yeah?

vasaris: They've got product X on the invoice. It's not on the Handy-Dandy form. Also, they're using the fish oil tariff, and that strikes me as not-quite-right. Well, it could be right, I suppose, but it's not clear from the product description.

Boss-lady: Are you sure it says Product X and not Product Zeta? That has the fish oil tariff.

vasaris: Boss-lady, I can read English. Product X does not look like Product Zeta. They are not spelled remotely similarly. Yes.

Boss-lady: That's new! They've never sent that before!

vasaris: I noticed. There's also product Y, which I've never seen before.

Boss-lady: Well, cheat it through the border.

vasaris: *boggles*
vasaris: Ummm. But... FDA...

Boss-lady: Well, it's coming down tonight, what else can we do?

vasaris: Call the carrier and put the thing on hold? Far as I know, 18 hours isn't going to seriously screw the customer, not that it matters, because... Er, the cover sheet says it's not crossing until Monday.

Boss-lady: Really? I suppose I should actually have looked at the entry before handing it off.

vasaris: Ya think?

Boss-lady: Just leave it for tomorrow, and we'll call and find out what all that stuff really is.

vasaris: That sounds like a good plan.

Don't get me wrong, they hand off messy icky stuff all the time because it arrived to late for day shift to take care of it, but this is the Ugly-Account-That-The-FDA-Keeps-Getting-Pissy-About (SERIOUSLY pissy, in that "Get us Samples! Get us Paperwork! Bend over into weird Yoga Positions to Kiss Our Collecitve Ass" kind of way*), an account typically not handed off without copious notes regarding tariffs and countries of origin and all manner of neat things. I'm not sure which part amuses me more -- the part where no one actually scanned the items coming across (which always gets checked because it is something we have to tell the FDA about in advance, so we're usually very careful with it) or the fact Boss-lady had managed to highlight every essential piece of information on the coversheet that came with the entry... and failed to notice it's not crossing for four days.

*The FDA, for when regular Ass Kissing is Just Not Enough. Sadly, DEA requires not only Yoga positions, but the insertion of Random Medical Devices as well.

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