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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
I just work here

...so why do people assume that I have the power to change things?

As I've mentioned before, I work in a gas station on the US/Canadian border (huzzah!blah). Often we get people who are lost, confused, and in need of a restroom.

On the whole, these people are good for laughs and for pounding your head into a brick wall at least a few dozen times a day.

It's to be expected, since even thinking about gasoline (much less oil) obviously causes an eighty point drop in IQ, even for people in high public office.

Anyhoo, we recently started locking the restrooms. Why? Because people were abusing the privilege of having readily accessible ones. The restrooms have always, and I do mean always been marked "Customers Only", but now, since there are keys, we've been given a means (and mandate) to actually enforce this policy.

On the whole, we are very apologetic about it, but if you're not buying gas or something in the store we will refuse to give you the key. Corporate policy.

So, here I am, Saturday night, thinking that I'd really rather be home playing Civ, when a young man of Asian descent comes in and asks for the key to the restrooms. I politely inquire if he is getting gas outside -- he hasn't brought anything to the counter after all -- and he verifies that he is. I smile, hand him the key, and point out the huge building that no one can see, especially with the ginormous, glowing RESTROOMS sign. He wanders off. A bit later he wanders back in, hands me the key, and then makes a grocery purchase.

As he's heading for the door, another gentleman comes in and asks for the restroom key, and I repeat the lazy three-step "Getting gas? No? Buy something" when this man cuts in with a tirade about how I need to tell my owner/manager that the whole thing has to be re-thought because no one returns to service stations where they have to buy things to use the restroom.

I don't know how it is in the rest of the country, but here *lots* of bathrooms are locked and you have to get a key from the cashier -- often at the price of buying something. I've personally encountered it a fair number of places. It's not unusual. Hell, it's not uncommon in a fair number of restaurants and, y'know, I'm not going to stop going to Subway because I have to ask for a key or buy something.

Anyhoo, this wasn't a pleasant request to relay his displeasure about the key, it was a long tirade about how we should learn to market better and that people will obviously come in and buy something if they're allowed to use the restroom without restriction.

I told him that this had not been our experience. In and of itself it wasn't so much that people would treat our restrooms as though they were a rest area (which is all of ten miles south on north bound I5 and perhaps 7 on south bound I5) that was the problem. No, it was the serious vandalism which hit two or three times a month and management getting tired of the fact that the other two gas stations on our corner were sending waves of people to use our restrooms instead of maintaining their own.

And we're not talking about a few people. We're talking about huge families wandering in from across the street several times a day. We're talking about anywhere from 50 to 100 extra users of our restrooms because the guy at Shell can't be bothered to allow people to use the bathroom once he's cleaned it and because the no-name across the street is too damn cheap to pay for the water usage.

People that we see go in and go back to these other businesses without making so much as a token purchase.


But, according to this guy, *we're* the ones in the wrong. And *I* should explain it, in detail, to the man in California who owns the company.


You have a problem with it, the 800-number is on the door. Take it to corporate yourself, because customer complaints work a hell of a lot faster than cashier complaints.

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You should post this stuff at customers_suck -- it's funny shit. Reminds me that even if not having a job sucks, having a job may possibly suck worse...

Yanno, that's not a bad idea... although some of these belong in mock_the_stupid or maybe mocktheignorant.


*former gas station worker colleague waves*

Egads, when he is determined not to buy anything now, how big is the chance that he will return some day to reward my advance trust with his daughter's hand and the half kingdom ?

*rolls eyes*

My station had a even stricter policy and for the same reasons. Locked toilets, keys at the counter and you only got them when you are a regular, or refuel your car. People who just drop by? No chance. Ever. Customers who only buy triffle in the store? We were expected to tell them that the toilet is defect and send them away, too.

I didn't do that, save for the occasional obvious heroin addict or drunkard who dropped in. Always worked out fine fortunately, but
it was my fucking risk of getting into trouble with my boss if it didn't.

No love for that complainer and the likes of him from here.

*glomps Ashen-kun before Cthulhu has a chance*

Is very annoying. However, not needing to hose the restrooms down every day balances that out pretty well *snerks and ducks out of the way before Cthulhu-chan can exert his tentically wrath upon her for interfering with teh_glompage*