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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
I've never before had the urge to say this, but...

Dear Driver-stuck-in-Oroville-again;

I'm sorry, but when it comes down to it, they really don't pay us enough to care that you've gotten stuck twice this week, especially as it's never happened before. Seriously. If we're lucky, we made a profit of maybe fifty bucks on clearing your truck.

Don't whine at me about how the other Broker was so much better. Don't whine at me about how I should be responsible for paying for you being late. You wasted your time and mine. In the amount of time it took you to get your rocks off complaining, I'd had your entry fixed for nearly five minutes.

They really, truly, honestly don't pay me enough to give a shit.

Try being polite next time.


No love,

P.S. If you think I care about your problems heading northbound, you're doubly wrong: I have nothing at all to do with Canadian Brokerage. This does not mean that you get to whine at them either. Just STFU and accept that *sometimes* people are human and not perfect automatons.

Current Mood: cynicalcynical