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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Why do I think that this has the potential to devolve into spank-wank?

Gentle Discipline, underwhelming, misapplied, or requiring the patience of a saint?

I have to say that this thread is lovely. It starts with "What is Gentle Discipline anyway" and ends with a I-hope-to-be-a-parent-someday telling experienced parents that you don't really need to use the word "No" -- after all, "Not for baby" is much easier to understand for an underdeveloped mind -- and it should be reserved for emergencies. And let us not forget that one must "respect the child" -- whatever that means for infants and toddlers. I mean, yes, they want the cookie/to climb up on the hot stove/play with guns/whatever -- so I should respectfully disagree and put them in front of the TV? Can't I respect them as people enough to know that they need clear boundaries and responses when they cross them?

Why, btw, is the word "No" supposed to be anethma? How are they supposed to understand "No" when it's hardly ever used? I can understand the idea that it increases the impact of raising one's voice and using "No" if it isn't used all the time (and I even agree with that -- shouting constantly would be tiring for both parent and child) but if you pretty much never use it at all, why should no be recieved with alarm when it does come into play?

Personal verdict: It'd work on some kids -- would have worked with me, as I was an eager-to-please child. I've known kids that would have found it laughable from infancy.

Also, I can totally see trying to use that on a teenager "Mom, I want a tattoo"/"Tattoos aren't for babies, honey, how about a cookie instead?"

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Because discipline threads ALWAYS so devolve.

My base belief is that you have to adjust your discipline level to the individual child, and these things can't really be predicted.

(I don't believe in the "it's different when it's YOURS" cant, since before I was married I got that chant about aspects of being married, including the ceremony. strangely enough, no, it wasn't different just because I was the one being married.)