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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Hmmm. Potential for interesting discussion, if it doesn't devolve into abortion warfare

So, does the statement "I'm pro-life but I object to multiple abortions" make any sense at all, and has anyone written any actual, like, journal articles regarding the ethics of this stance?

Thinking about it, I'm not sure if it's accurate to say that I object to multiple abortions so much as being careless enough to need multiple abortions. (I'm not doing the whole abortion debate, per se, right now.)


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prochoice anti multiple abortions

I may be a horrible person but I still think that abortions should have some sort of penalty attached to them. I am prochoice, but if a girl shows up multiple times something should be done. Now not neccessarily refusing her service like a munch hauser (is that even right? people who fake illness for attention), but perhaps making her go to classes or meetings about safe sexual practices, ways to say no and defend yourself or similar topics. something akin to the classes you have to take if you get a dui or something.

abortions should be legal because let's face it, there are times it's needed (whatever those times may be), but repeat users should not be without some responsibility to their actions.

That is my stance, if that makes any sense at all.

Re: prochoice anti multiple abortions

I don't think you're a horrible person. And I think that you've just illustrated the point I was trying to make in the referenced thread.

There's a strong flavor for me of "And why the hell are you pregnant again where there are all kinds of options for preventing that?"

The actual morality of abortion itself aside, what is with being frequently pregnant when one doesn't want to be? If a woman has repeated unwanted pregnancies over a short period of time, I'd want to be sure that she knew how not to get pregnant. Of course, if the answer was "Well, I know how not to, I just prefer getting an abortion to taking pills" I suppose I'd be all o.0 about it, but I'd have to accept that as her right. I think that it's fucked up and irresponsible (after all, pregnancy is just one of the possible negative outcomes of sex), and I can't understand why one would prefer that to taking preventative steps, but being pro-Choice I'd have to shrug it off and go "to each their own."

Still, there's a WTF in repeated/frequent unwanted pregnancy. Also, I think it gives ammunition to the far right who like to claim that women aren't capable of making decisions for themselves and their bodies -- being that irresponsible with one's fertility gives them a place to hang their "See? Women are stupid creatures controlled by their lusts and we mens should take care of the decisionmaking and lust-controlling."

Although that's less of a moral quandry than a social nightmare.

Re: prochoice anti multiple abortions

I agree with you. (You're probably thinking of Munchausen's, btw)

The community dot sex snark has a tag for some of the entries that says 'step away from the cock'. I have seen way too many sad examples of that. (The examples I'm thinking of are girls who keep HAVING children, but still, knowing how NOT to get pregnant should be fairly obvious.)