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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
*stares at the Harmonized Tariff Schedule*

Okay... anyone have any idea what it is about argon that US customs feels the need to record the volumes of it coming into the country in cubic kilometers...

Because... WTF? I don't even know whether that's supposed to be under standard temperature and pressure.

But, seriously... cubic kilometers. That's, what... *tries to calculate out the liters* *brain asplodes* ...a lot?

Just... wow. *stares at US HTS a bit more, torn between awe and horror*

And that's not even the really weird stuff, like figuring out textile materials.

Cubic Kilometers


...okay, they aren't quite as ridiculous as it looks on the surface, they just like to abbreviate 1000 cubic meters as 1 km3, which is at least mildly idiotic for the potential misunderstanding. I mean, why should I think they mean 1 k(m3) instead of 1 (km)3?

Oh, well, whatever. I'm still mildly boggled by why their standard temp and pressure is 21 C at 1.013 bars of pressure. I suspect some weirdass "Well, we really wanted to do this in Standard, but I guess metric will do" thing.

Current Mood: surprised*boggled*