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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Dear Idiot:

Thanks for faxing 30 minutes prior to when you'd like to cross the border. It gave me a good laugh -- especially since you timed your fax with the main servers going down for the nightly backup.

Two rules about crossing:
1) Fax well in advance -- this is good for both of us.
2) If you're in a hurry... call first. Seriously. I'll be happy to bend the timing rules and type my stubby little fingers off if you call and say "Oh, hey, we've got something coming in hot, can you help a fellow out." Right now, I'm seriously tempted to do the fax that has been sitting (through no fault of it's own, just a couple of minor catastrophes that mostly make me giggle) since I got to work before yours.

*shakes head* Silly, silly peoples.

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Current Music: *stares at IPod for a moment* Somethng weirdly depressing by Steve McDonald

Just dropped in to say hi sweetie! Hope you're doing good!

Happy New Year! Many Hugs, Christina

Happy new year! I'm so late in repyling. I've been working a lot of OT and not really doing much else. I survived Christmas, just have to make it through April, and then I'm date-triggers-depression free until October. Yay.