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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
I guess it must be different when they're your own

If the result of having them means returning your adopted child to social workers in another country -- and not even the one where she origninated. Because denying your child citizenship in your own country is "cool" don't-cha know.

Short version: high ranking Dutch couple...

...adopts a Korean infant (female, of course) and after seven years and finally having some children of "their own" they turn the little girl over to Hong Kong social workers because she "doesn't fit with their lifestyle" including "not adapting to their food."

One wonders what they've been feeding her, since she was adopted as an infant. Even more bizarre, they've taught the girl English and Cantonese, but not Dutch, and at no point did they apply for Dutch citizenship for the child.

Oh, it's all very traumatic and the mother is "in therapy" but... WTF? Unless the kid is showing signs of being a serial killer (and frankly, even if she is) they accepted the responsibility of raising her to adulthood. Where do they get off giving her back? Oh, wait, they finally managed to propogate their own genome and thus didn't need her to perpetuate the image of the perfect family.

Here's to hoping the Dutch government fires the man's ass.

*iz appalled*

Current Mood: annoyedappalled

Oh my God, those monsters. The pain of being rejected by one's parents passes all description -- that poor child is going to suffer her entire life.

I can't imagine what they're thinking. In the articles he comes across sounding all "woe is us, this is so hard, you should be sympathetic to us" and all I can think is you people are throwing this child away, and for why? I got this off of one of the childfree comms which had ganked it from debunkingwhite and apparently at some point he's trying to pin the whole thing on the girl having attachment disorder, but seriously, get the kid therapy and deal with it because throwing her away isn't going to make it better.

I think in this case the claim of attachment disorder is pure ass.* It's clear they treated the poor child like an outsider for years -- one can draw some pretty clear conclusions from what they're doing right now. The devils.

*There was a horrible case in the news here a few years ago, about some women who murdered a child who had this so called "attachment disorder." They tried this thing called rebithing, where they cover a kid with pillows to simulate birth, supposedly to make her bond with the adoptive mother. Actually, in my opinion it's a terror tactic -- the clear message is that the child's life and death is in the mother's hands, and the desired result is to break the child's spirit utterly.

Anyway, three grown women were holding down this kid, utterly smothered with pillows, and she started calling out, "I'm dying, I'm dying." But of course, because she was a "messed up kid with attachment disorder," they disregarded her pleas -- dismissed it as manipulation. And the girl suffocated to death under their hands.

I've yet to hear of one case of attachment disorder where it didn't seem like anything but a bunch of adults blaming a defenseless kid for their own failures to parent.


Holy shit...

That is all.

Yup. That puts it fairly mildly.