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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Um... what?

Heard on the radio today...

"Children playing sports can recieve head injuries. This means that girls might get head injuries too!"

Er... okay? Why is this news?

*skritches non-concussed girl-head*

The statistic that girls are more likely to get concussions was actually interesting, but that lead off? WTF? Kids + sports = injuries. What has gender got to do with it? Unless, of course, you think girls are pwecious little flowers that must be protected from even the slightest bruising.


Clearly someone still lives in an internal world where girls still always wear dresses and never engage in sporting activities unless it is gymnastics or something "girlie"...

People suck sometimes. >.<

Re: *snicker*


Anyone who thinks you don't get them there is silly. *remembers quitting gymnastics after a fall that involved hitting her head and back in a bad, bad way, no permanent injury but scary as all fuck*

But yes, it was very much the tone of the announcer. OMG, girls might get hurt! Stop them! Stop them! Bwaaaaaaaah! *adult male bursts into very manly tears of terror for pwetty, pwetty widdle girlies*

Every time I think how much better it is than my mom's day, and then I hear that kind of attitude.