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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
I have been most remiss...

Not that this is precisely news.

Christina is a brave and wonderful lady, but I have not been doing well in my goal to be sure I post this at least once every three months.

For those few of you on my flist who do not know, Christina is a lovely lady with a terrible disease and is in need of aid that she has been denied by the American health system, government, and charities local to her. You are, of course, by no means required to donate or read her story, but if -- for example -- you were planning to purchase something via Amazon, the 4christina site has a link you can use to give a little kickback to someone who needs it with something you were going to do anyway. And while she has insurance now, catastrophic diseases, even with it, have a nasty tendency to be more expensive than people can afford.

Seriously, no pressure -- just a reminder to all of us (even with the relatively recent reminders that showed up on FW, BP, and all when I wasn't looking... Why didn't someone poke me and say "Go read the Ms. Scribe story"?) that Christina's need is always there, but the extra-specialness of winter holidays is, of course, approaching.

Christina -- I promised you my extra copy of Sense and Sensibility. As soon as I figure out where I put it, I promise it'll be along. *swears DVDs grow legs and walk around*


You are so sweet! I'm going through a very rough time right now and your post meant a great deal to me! How do you thank someone for caring so much?

You are wonderful, caring, dear friend who I adore. I miss seeing you post and hope all is well with you right now in your own life.

Don't worry about the DVD. I know you're busy and you have lots going on in your own life.

Know your post came at a time when I needed to see it!

Hugs & Love, Christina