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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Sometimes I wonder about people

I have just encountered the oddest entity or group of entities: those who have unleashed the capslock of... indifference, apparently.

I've not been spending much time over at F_W this last year, and goodness knows I've never seen House, so I am unaccustomed to the ship wars within its fandom.

Ah, well, it's all beside the point. It seems that within a recent ship-war based upon a rather tenuous possible spoiler, numerous people brought out the all caps of doom. Not because they're shouting a la the capslock of rage, but just because they like the capslock key.

*skritches head*

One of the capslock crew demands an explanation of why people have a problem with capslocking and then... seems to feel that neither the answer of "grammar" nor "netiquette" is sufficient.

And I am continuing to feed the troll because I'm silly like that. Not to mention easily amused.


I remember when I got my first typewriter I had a big crush on all-capslock-writing for the first year or so.

I had an italics head for mine, which probably is what ensures my enduring love of slanty fonts ;) *glomps teh_ashenmote*

I just wanted to say I love you. You are an awesome person who really stands out on my giant flist o' doom and I really wish you posted more.

I can second that. I'd love to see you post more, but realise other people's lives are busy even if I'm not doing much.

Nice to see you post!

Oh the House ship wars are scary... that's why I have very few House fandom friends, because I know that fandom was crazy before I got involved.