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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

In other news, have managed to get rid of the random 5lb weight gain I had last week and am back to 94lbs lost overall!


Curves is a totally awesome place! And it works, too!


My mom goes there. ^_^ Congratulations on your weight loss!

*grins happily*


I have heard really good things about Curves. I need to get my shit together so I can join them or Weight Watchers.

Go you! WOO!

Or both -- we've got several members at ours who are using Curves as the workout and WW as their diet :)

Curves is fabulous since it's all normal women, not the uber-skinny ones that make you feel like a monster for being overweight (whether they mean to or not). Okay, there are a couple of skinny ones, but they're cool too ;)

And thanks, it's been a lot of work but the results are hard to argue.

My problem is having the money to do this. BAH. I need to find a millionaire or a sugar daddy or something. ;)

I remembered reading this comment when you posted it and thinking Hmmm... Then I had the most bizarre dream about Curves last night. I've never been but there's one near my apartment.

Point being: in the last two years I've gained 80 lbs, and I can't seem to push myself hard enough to lose it. I'm stunned that you lost 94 lbs and credit Curves (congratulations, by the way! That is a *serious* accopmlishment.) Is it really that good, or are you just very disciplined?

Thank you *happy dances*

Is it really that good, or are you just very disciplined?

A combination of both. I go every day, and generally go twice on my days off.

But I have to say that one of the reasons I didn't much exercise before was because exercise usually resulted in me gasping horribly for breath and wanting to throw up -- or die. Curves doesn't make me feel that way. It's easy and makes me work without pushing me farther than I can go.

Like I told lync, it's normal women doing something good for themselves. The atmosphere is very positive and even when you're horribly overweight (I started at over 400lbs) you don't feel like you're some kind of monster for being overweight. It's more like feeling like you're doing something good and everyone around you wants you to succeed. Even though I'm well over 300 lbs people are saying "Wow, you look so much better! Keep it up!" and it feels positive and sincere, not like some kind of lip service.

Even though you could say I'm pretty disciplined about it, without the positive vibes I get from going to Curves I don't think I'd be as successful (or as disciplined), if you can see what I mean.

I suppose I should note that my results aren't typical, per se, but everyone I've talked to has experienced quite a bit of body-reshaping and reasonable muscle gain in the time since they joined -- even if they haven't lost a great deal of weight.

Also, my mom, who is disabled with arthritis in her back and knees, has lost somewhere around 30lbs. Because of pain issues she doesn't go as often, but I'm seriously proud of her and her loss too. I figure that if someone who really has difficulty walking and moving around can do it, Curves really is that good :)

Wow. That is discipline. I always hate it when people say "good for you" but that's what comes to mind. It makes me very happy when good people take control of their lives in a constructive way :) And go mom!

I will definitely check out Curves. I get exactly what you mean -- positive reinforcement is a huge factor. I never went to my old gym because it was so freaking alienating. Then one day someone had the almighty gall to call me Fat Ass right to my face, and the management didn't so much as blink an eye. I swore off all gyms forever after that.

Curves should hire you though -- I can't remember the last time I heard a weight-management pitch that was both glowing and credible. Thanks :)