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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Sometimes, I just get caught in the trainwreck...

Obviously one should bingo early and often.

Dear noyzboyz: You are a fucking nit.

Subject: More on not having kids.
From: noyzboyz
Date: Jun 4 2006 10:44AM

My only advice is use good birth control but don't get yourself sterilized because it's possible you will change your mind later. Leave your options open.

And make sure YOU really don't want children, and that it's not that you told yourself you don't want them due to the fact that your bf/gf/wife/husband says they don't want any. That only means sadness, resentment and arguments in the future.

My body, my choice. If I want a tubal, I'll get one, you asshole. It's a pity that you drown your good advice with a steaming bucketful of bovine diarrhea.

And you, sir, can keep your patronizing approval to yourself.

Subject: No child of mine...
From: StopHouse
Date: Jun 3 2006 12:20PM

Regarding No Child of Mine...

I think it is cool, whatever you decide to choose for yourselves. It is your life - steer the course for yourselves. Go in peace.

However - though you haven't asked for an opinion - I would offer one anyway - as something to consider, when you consider your lives, and the course you choose.

Think about adopting an older kid. Take your empty guest bedroom, and put it to good use for a few years. You will still have plenty of years left for yourselves. Remember your bedroom you grew up in at home, when you were in Junior or Senior Highschool? How it was your whole world, your kingdom? Go to your state's adoptable children website, and take a look at those older kids who don't have that room, who will never have their own room. A room and family you could choose to give them. You don't have to be a Saint, or a Martyr, or a Hero. You can be an average person with a spare bedroom, and make the choice to change the world for just one person (and yourselves.) Most states have incentives to defray the cost involved. For instance, in Florida -older kids come with monthly stipends, and Medicaid insurance until they are 18, and they have free college education at any of the Florida State Universities. Each state is different, so look into it.

It isn't a breeze. Don't expect that it will only cost you a spare bedroom for a few years. Have the courage to turn a life (your life?) upside down.

No, you didn't ask me, I understand this. But, I hope you think about it anyway, or I hope I've lodged a seed for thought that may bloom in a few years.

Now, go in peace.

Neither the woman who foolishly asked Prudie for advice, nor any other childfree person needs your blessing, you condescending twat. Our decisions about our lives do not need your unsolicited opinions about how, since we don't want children, we'd obviously make good adoptive or foster parents. All you've planted are seeds of resentment, not seeds of hope for some child caught in the system. I'm sure they're all looking forward to having a round of "indifferent/hostile foster parents who are only in it for the money" instead of people who are doing out of the sincere desire to help. Please take your impersonation of a lead brick somewhere that it might be useful... like the nearest particle accelerator. With luck some high-energy radiation will render you sterile.

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