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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
What color is the sky in your world, lady?

After Prudie's exceptionally offensive advice given to a childfree couple, I joined in The Fray, the discussion board and asked where people get off badgering childfree people anyway:

From r2d2:

children are love and a life without...

...love is crap.

children bring many moments of joy, introspection, true learning about oneself and human nature. there is no replace for it, especially of the hedonistic kind. sure, single people can by another pair of guccis, and be free to f&ck like minks at the drop of a line, but those are not life's finer moments. Love is the best life has to offer. It comes in three forms, children, a partner, and charitable work. those who haven't experienced it have missed the best life has to offer.

About the only accurate thing I see in that is "life without love is crap."

Children are not love; they do not embody it, they are not the spirit of it, and do not hold the sacred mysteries of it.

Parental-filial love is *special*, just as all forms of love (not obsession, posession, or the many varieties of things people call love) are. Love is a wonderful, magical thing. But it isn't limited to children.

When it's pointed out that not all people are cut out to be good parents, or enjoy being parents, r2d2 replies:

agreed. i was speaking for myself, not....

...everyone in the universe. i agree that some people are unhappy parents, and prolly a lot of them due to no fault of their own, as they just got a bad seed. wht io was getting at is the love is its own reward, whether it pans out in the long run or not is a matter of luck.

Again, an excellent point is buried in utter dreck. Love *is* its own reward, but bitch -- please. In what universe are unhappy parents with bad kids actually saddled with "bad seeds."

The kids, typically, have been saddled with bad parents. Lack of boundaries and consistent discipline, combined with "I'll buy you whatever you ask for if you'll just shut up/love me" has a tendency to create hellish, uncontrollable monsters. While I do believe that there is the occasional child who is that way because of some weird defect in genetics/spirit/soul, the vast majority of the time it is most assuredly the parent's fault.

It frightens me that this woman has almost certainly passed on her genetic code and values to some unsuspecting child. If her child decides that s/he is childfree, I imagine the bingos will come early and often, without cesation or regret at damaging the mother-child relationship because getting a good kid is luck-of-the-draw, but worth playing roulette for, and anyway, she undoubtedly deserves grandchildren.

Well, there's sufficient evidence that r2d2 can't read. In another thread, which I love because it's an essentially childfree rant (you know the one, the one about kids in nice restaurants and other locations that are really not meant for children) made by a parent, r2d2 stubbornly insists that people don't get babysitters because they can't afford them. Um, dear, if you can't afford a sitter, WTF are you doing at a restaurant. And no, I have no sympathy for the fact that the money you'd save by not buying your children food at the restaurant would instead be spent having them watched... and yes, she did quite specifically say "fine dining" not "Shari's, Denny's, and other family-style restaurants where people expect to find small children." Your reading comprehension skills are obviously a bit lacking. I hope you haven't passed this inability on to your munchkins.

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