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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
W00t! Taxes are done...

Including the estate. Now all I have to do is print everything out and send it in. Yay.

Best part, nobody cares when I actually send in the individual returns as, gosh, the IRS only gives a damn if you owe them money.

In other news: I theoretically have a new job, once they actually get around to doing the background check. I'm a little put out as I was under the impression that they were already *doing* that part. (I've been waiting for TWO WEEKS now. *sighs*) My new employer is seriously understaffed and so hasn't had a moment to fill out the paperwork.

I actually take it as a good sign that they haven't needed to hire someone in so long that people are going "Gee, which form was that again?"

As opposed to the store's... six new people in the last two months.

On average, new hires are lasting a week... mostly because they don't seem to realize they are, in fact, required to work at the time of hire. Yes, the pay is crap. This *is* no excuse for figuring you don't have to stock the cooler. Hello, people. I suppose I'd best call HFC tomorrow and ask if they've actually gotten around to doing the paperwork to release the last of the liens against the property. I most assuredly hope so.

I'm wanting to do the deed/title transfer within the week, if at all possible so I can just get on with it all.

*hugs* everyone!


yay for being done with taxes!

I loathe doing mine, thats why i do them the day i get my last W-2