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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Keep Milk Prices Low, Reprise

And there we have it, folks. They're running to get their legislation through to put producer-handlers out of business.

I am horrified by the way big buisness is trying to strong arm small, local buisnesses into compliance. Our local dairy, aside from providing milk at a low price they provide work for around 70 people, which for my county is not insignificant. It will seriously impact local economies in other ways as well.

Edaleen Dairy provides milk quite inexpensively, compared to Dairygold and others, which is an enormous draw to Canadian customers here in Blaine. An enormous percentage of the clientele (my personal estimation is about half) of the gas station I work at come for one thing... dairy products and milk in particular. As milk prices have risen of the years that I have worked there, I have heard them complain that these prices are already beginning to challenge those in Canada, so why bother coming down? Even with the Canadian dollar up against the US dollar, what possible purpose could there be in further damage the cross-border trade for people who come down as part of their day to day life? A large corporation's almighty dollar? Why put producer-handler's out of business? Is it such a chunk of change for the big guys to lower their prices and just make a bit less money?

The implications of this -- aside from what looks to me like bully-boy tactics by the big guys against a handful of faimly farms -- the implications for not just the poor but the economy for the entire area are not insignificant. Please do something about this. Our border communities are hurting enough between the effects of 9/11 and the tightening of security on the border. Bad enough to ask for passports from our loyal friends who visit us every day, enough that the guards *recognize* them, but to ring a death-knell like this?

Please, do something.