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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
More HFC is fecking stupid...

Remember how I called them about the "Gee, where's the paperwork saying the loan was paid off?"

"Oh, we sent that in December."

"Er, I didn't get a copy..."

"Well, we did."




Upshot? -- The originals came in the mail... today. Posted? Last Week.

I am ever so impressed by the goons at HFC.

Well, there's my proof for the re-fi. Now all I need is the OTHER lien paperwork for the home-equity line of credit and I'll be good.

*throws up hands*


I see it's situation normal with HFC. Glad to hear you're heading in the right direction with things.

Hugs, Christina

*waves* quick question i didn't wanna ask on the community, i hope you don't mind...

... is that chick claiming anything discussed in the workplace is automatically appropriate to be discussed in the workplace *really* that stupid?

I don't think so. Mostly I think it's that she's a bit naive and hasn't really thought it through. I'd be willing to bet she's never had to shut down a co-worker for inappropriate conduct/discussion either.

I mean, she has a point -- often you can tell the people who give lip service to their God and really only celebrate the major holidays because it's expected. Unlike terajin, who I'm pretty sure would take other realities into question, I don't think that lizziey put much thought into the concept of someone trying to determine her level of faith from shop talk. Add that she may never have met someone quietly devoted... *bang* no concept of how you'd not be able to tell.

Which reminds me, you're fun. Mind if I friend you? It will be a glorious internet marriage with lots of kittens ;)

sure, i'll friend you back..

the problem with that girl is that she really doesn't see past her own "shiney happy people" existence I dont talk about my private life at work most of the time because A) I'm queer B) I have interests that offend some people and C) i usually have little in common with my coworkers. She seems to be under this assumption that any workplace has to be a shiney happy family of people who all love each other - that just is not realistic.

*glares at clock* I so don't want to go to work. *sighs*

She does seem to be in shiny happy people land, that is certain, but I'm not sure how to disillusion her without getting her back up, which is something of a shame, as enlightening people is good.

Ah, well. Have a good day!

i want to smack her SO hard right now

Having just seen the interchange between her and commanderd, I'll have to go along with that. I take it back, maybe she is just that... dippy, if I'm feeling generous.

Geez, I completely missed that upper thread (or, more accurately only saw the beginning of the carnage.) Yes, the almighty smackdown is called for. Take previously granted vacation time from someone? WTF?