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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
The Wheels of Justice hit a Slick Patch

...and f-ing skids all over the bloody place.

Dan Newell, who briefly made the national spotlight last year was quietly given a light slap on the wrist and told to "Go fourth and sin no more, you naughty boy."

At least, that's how I see it. It goes something like this.

Newell, in a conservative suit, looking somewhat embarassed and bashful. "I plead nolo contendre -- because, well, I'm guilty but I'm not actually going to say so. You've got so much evidence against me I'd be convicted but then I'd lose my pension and undoubtedly actually be, y'know, fired. From my job. Y'know, the one working with kids, providing a role model of what it means to be an upstanding member of my community? Doing things like driving drunk, obstructing justice, and sleeping with women other than my wife are things that every kid should aspire to! This way I can be sentenced without my being held legally guilty and thus be in obvious violation of the morals clause of my contract. Y'know, the one with the school district? Nifty, huh?"

Prosecutor David MacEchran. "Er, yeah. I guess so. It's not like I was going to insist you do hard labor in the salt mines, y'know."

Newell's lawyer, "Hee!"

Judge, "Christ, whatever, people, can we get on with it already?"

"Yessir, your honor. The state was going to ask that he be publically whipped and placed in the stocks for the next calandar year, but since he's not going to put us through going to trial I suggest a huge fine and about a trillion hours of public service where he has to wear a big 'L' on his chest."

"L?" asks the defense attorney.

The Prosecutor makes the universal sign for 'LOSER', and smirks back.

"Judge, please, my client has cooperated with the court, has willingly plead -- er, well, not exactly guilty, but you know what I mean, and is truly repentant of the crime that he's not precisely admitting to having committed. Surely you could just let him go with a warning."

"Didn't we try that before?" asks the assisting prosecuting attorney, in a stage whisper, "Y'know, with the whole DUI thing?"

"Objection, predjudicial!"

"I suppose I'll have to sustain that, but it's not like I don't know, you moron."

"Sorry, sir."

"Still, I still see no reason to brand the man the traitor he obviously is to the community of Blaine, to the kids and parents who still worship him, because, hey, he willingly sacrificed a half-dozen students in order to save the reputation of a school board member who didn't even have the courage to remain living in the community she 'served' after it came out that she let her underage daughter move out, live with a drug-dealing boyfriend, and smuggle drugs. You know, the one who turned the guy in so that she could save her own skin? Yeah, that woman's reputation. So, let's say that I'm fining him a metric ton of $1 bills and putting him in jail for a year -- only we'll defer it. He'll only have to pay $1000 dollars and do some community service, I'm sure we can find a way to count his usual work day at the high school, and if he's managed not to be arrested for anything by this time next year, we'll forget he ever came before me."

The prosecuter sighs. "Are you sure we can't tattoo an L on his forehead?"

"I think that falls under 'Cruel and Unusual,' Mr. MacEchran."

"Well, darn."

The defense attorney smirks.

Newell pumps his fist. "Score!"

Me, reading the news, "OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!?!?!"

Dan Newell is a public servant, a man in a position of authority over children in a small community. He should be held to higher standards than this. A deferred sentence is utter bullshit in this case. He plead Washington State's version of nolo contendre because he'd have been found guilty. They're letting him get away with saying "I won't admit to guilt, I can't be called guilty legally, because I didn't plead guilty and wasn't found guilty, but I know that I'd get hit with fines and stuff if I just let the whole thing go... but I want to keep my pension and keep setting a sterling example of justice and honor for the children of my community!"

Giving him a deferred sentence means that if he manages to keep his nose clean for a year, the official charges will be dropped. The whole thing blows over, and a man who has no buisness being the principal of the high school gets to continue with his life as though nothing had ever happend.

Several kids, at least one of which was over eighteen, were sacrificed to protect the reputation of a woman craven enough to run from the community instead of standing and saying she was wrong to allow her daughter to move out with her boyfriend when she was 15/16 years of age... craven enough to say "Well, if it's the difference between my daughter and I being charged with something or not... sure, Danny-boy called me and warned me. Go after him. I'm innocent in all of this, really."

And, apparently, this is all okay -- with the courts, with the kids who still worship him, with the school board that hems and haws, with the teachers that defend him and his 'kindness', with the parents who fail to demand his resignation.

What is wrong with these people? With this community? How can they just say... "Well, I guess it was just a little bad decisio nmaking. No worries! He'll not do it again, and your kids won't take it to mean that it's okay to break the law when you can say you're pure of heart... maybe."

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