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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
For S'n'Gs, My app for hogwarts_rising

Name: vasaris
Age: Old enough to know better and young enough not to care
Location: (Optional) USA
Referral: katieupsidedown

  1. Which character in the series do you feel you identify with the most?

    An interesting question. I have my favorites of course (Snape and McGonnegal) but they hardly represent me. I a lot of ways I'd like to be Hermione: brilliant, courageous, uncompromising in her ideals, yet willing to break a few rules... unfortunately, while I'm bright, I'm hardly a luminary and while I've the courage of my convictions I tend toward emotional cowardice. Frankly, none of the characters are a really good match up for my personality. I can be quietly bookish, an obnoxious know-it-all, unabashedly cynical, bluntly irritated with people who don't have basic knowledge, unthinkingly kind to others, and evenhanded to the point of making my sister scream with frustration.

    So I suppose you could put Snape, McGonnegal, Hermione and Poppy Pomphrey in a blender and get someone similar to me.

  2. Which do you believe is thicker, friendship or blood?

    Honestly? Friendship. Being bound by blood does not preclude the ties of friendship; nor do ties of blood ensure that the involved parties treat one another well. Friends are the family you choose and the family that chooses you back. Blood ties means an obligation that may or may not be lived up to. The bonds of true frienship involve no such requirements, only the true caring that develops within the relationship. With care and tending, these bonds can be -- and often are -- thicker, stronger, and more profound than any blood tie.

    It's fortunate, then, that being related by blood does not prevent being friends.

  3. If you could have a dinner party and invite any 3 other people, dead, alive, or fictional, who would they be and why?

    Socrates, if I thought he'd spend time talking to a woman as an intellectual equal. We only have his words as filtered through Plato and I'd love to know if Plato's stories are accurate. I'm also in awe of any man so willing to die for the purity of an ideal. He martyred himself for one of the same basic rights I would die for: the freedom of speech and thought. I would love to discuss the subject with him.

    I'd invite Methos, from Highlander. I'm fascinated by the idea of living for 5000 years and the inner strength and fortitude it would take to do so. I find the idea of being "Death on a Horse" and then walking away from it an amazing act of courage and fortitude. I'd like to know if it was a moral decision or if he just got tired of being under Kronos' thumb... and I love his dry, sarcastic wit.

    Siddartha Guatama Buddha, I think would be my last choice. I'm not sure I can even explain the why of that, except that I think I would like to discuss the 'reality' of the world with him. The idea that the world is an illusion that we must eschew to reach nirvana is profound. I don't know that I agree with it, but I'd love to talk about it with the source of so much profound wisdom.

  4. If you were in a wizard's duel, what spell would you use, and with what objective?

    Eeeeek! Oh, wait, that's not a spell. I'm torn. My first response is Protego, out of defense, but on the whole, I'd say Petrificus Totalis. Shielding oneself is all well and good but it doesn't end the fight. Petrifying your opponent brings things to an end without harming anyone.

  5. In the wizarding world, what wand would choose you and why? Please describe its characteristics (wood type, length, and core material) in how they best reflect your personality and beliefs.

    Well, I suppose I can go with tradition, and use my Celtic tree for the wood. It describes me well enough in some ways -- self willed, a streak of laziness, sense of humor, with love of family and a fair amount of practical talent. I think my wand core would be the hair (or some other body part) of a Sphinx. Speaking in riddles, expecting people to have knowledge or be able to work things out for themselves, leading people toward wisdom rather than just handing it out... these things I think describe me fairly well.

  6. What would your animagus be? How do you feel this reflects your personality?

    Well, I know the things I wouldn't be: rat, stag/deer, dog, cat, snake, rabbit, hawk, fish, turtle, or owl.

    I think I might possibly be a wolf. Wolves are intelligent, playful, pack creatures with strong ties, yet some wolves operate alone, outside of this structure. I tend toward a fairly solitary nature but often yearn for the ties of friendship of a pack. I'm loyal to my friends and family and would defend them with fangs and claws without thought.

  7. What would your patronus be? Why do you feel that this entity would protect you?

    My mom, because she always did her level best to protect me when she could. She might possibly be represented as a large, flying quilt... or possibly a small cadre of handmade dolls. Her spirit will always be there to protect me, so were I to have a patronus, she'd be it.

  8. What form would your boggart take? This can be a very dodgey question, as nobody likes admitting their fears, but please try to be as honest as possible.

    I expect it would take the form of a mushroom cloud. It is not so much that I fear nuclear war above all things, it's that I fear ideological conflicts and the horror that they can bring. People can justify the use of weapons of horrendous power to themselves over the most ridiculous of differences and refusal to acknowledge anyone else's viewpoints. War is one of the manifestations of humanity's tenacious inability to consider multiple viewpoints, and I think I fear that more than just about anything else.

  9. What would your occupation in the wizarding world be, and why? Why do you feel you are best suited for this type of work?

    Hard question, as we've not got much idea what people do in the Wizarding world. I mean, what are the options we know about? Reporter, Ministry Official, Auror (subset of Ministry Official), teacher and shopkeeper. I suppose we should include writers and celebrities, as well, as a nod to Mr. Lockhart.

    Considering it, I suppose I'd choose to be a writer, because I enjoy it and am reasonably good at it.

  10. What is your favorite literary quote? Please include reasons why you chose that quote.

    I'm not entirely sure this counts as literary, but... cogito ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. I exist because I am aware of existence. I do not have to justify that existence to anyone, for any reason. Whether I am gay, straight, white, black, chartreuse, or paisley, I exist and no one has the right to say that I do not or should not.

  11. Which of your personal qualities do you value most and least?

    My most valued quality would be my intelligence, cognizance, and general education. I cannot comprehend seeing the world through the blinders that so many people wear, seemingly deliberately. The inability to link history, society, philosophy, and religion to the realities of everyday life is something that baffles and frustrates me.

    My least valued trait is probably my physical appearance. I'm overweight and while I've been successfully losing it, my appearance has tended toward being something I don't care sufficiently about to do anything with beyond being sure my clothes are clean, my hair is neat, and I've brushed my teeth. Frankly, my brain should matter more.

  12. Describe the house qualities that you feel directly reflect you. Please try to include traits from each of the four houses.

    In no particular order:
    Loyalty: I am often unreasonably loyal to people or organizations, although when faced with the reality that my loyalty is either unappreciated or unneeded I am capable of letting it go (although this causes immense personal pain.)

    Intelligence: I believe I've already covered the fact I value intelligence greatly. The ability to think, to analyze and synthesize are important, moreso than most people seem to realize. Simply having the ability to observe the world around them and bother to wonder about it and how it affects them is important and valuable.

    Hard Work: Without effort, nothing is achieved. I believe in working for what I get and not whining about it when I didn't work hard enough for what I wanted. I believe in working for what I want and working as hard as necessary for it.

    Ambition: I believe in being the best person I can be and think that's really the greatest ambition a person could -- or should -- have.

  13. List one short term goal, and one long term goal, and tell us why you want to accomplish each.

    Short term: I'd like to get the skylight fixed because I'm tired of the dripping water. This is relevant because, dude, it's been raining for a month and I really want the nice men from the windows place to get off of their duffs and come fix it.

    Long term: I'd like to actually finish and publish an original novel. It'd be really cool to be as wildly popular as Harry Potter but frankly I'd rather not have the level of fan craziness that surrounds that kind of fame.

  14. Lastly, why do you want to be a member of this community?

    Because I was squibbed by hogwarts_elite? All joking aside, the goal of a fun Harry Potter place to be without exess drama and BS sounds like fun and my buddy katieupsidedown was applying so I mostly thought... what the hell, why not?