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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Sometimes, it's all about language

I guess childfree gets wanked rather a lot. I suppose we deserve it.

Thing is, I mostly like to read the medical stuff or legal stuff or the 'Jesus who'd do that to a kid stuff'... I find it curious that the only thing people notice about the childfree comms is the more-or-less comm-specific jargon.

Offended people: You use horribly offensive terms for parents and children!

Childfree: WTF are you doing here, anyway, moron?

Offended people: You've insulted me and my horse!

Childfree: Um, so?

Offended people: Don't you understand that we're offended? Can't you understand why we're offended?

Childfree: Well, since you're not grasping that we're not necessarily talking about you... um. Not really. In our own space we use comm-specific jargon. So what?

Offended people: But... your language is offensive, don't you realize that?

Childfree: This is a society of frustrated people with an internal jargon -- do you realize that we're offended by 'Poor crazy so and so who doesn't want kids?' No? You don't see how it is offensive to expect us to, well, breed even though we may not wish to? The (not always) silent condemnation for not squeezing a football through a cherry stem is offensive? You don't? Oh, sorry, but then I don't listen to you, either, when you're using words and phrases I find hurtful about my (chosen lack of) fertility. You're welcome to do the same.

Offended people: But it's dehumanizing to talk about people in terms of bodily functions! Why don't you use bitch, asshole, etc., instead?

Childfree: I suppose it's too much for you to understand that certain words are specific subsets of bitch, asshole, brat, and/or twat, right?

Offended people: It's mean!

Childfree: Have you even noticed that you're on a goddamn wanking comm? An offshoot of the one that proudly procalims to eat it's own using a flipping hive vagina? Just as you don't care if I'm offended by my comm being wanked, I really could give a rats decomposing, maggot infested ass about your opinion of our internal jargon. Which, btw, I happen to think sucks ass but at least I don't delude myself that insulting parents is somehow worse than insulting people with actual retardation every time I (or anyone else) uses words like idiot, moron, dumbshit, dipshit, dumbfuck, fucktard, asstard, ad nauseam, ad infinitum. At the very least, I'm not being a hypocrite about saying some slurs are 'better' than others. They're all unkind generalizations about people one generally doesn't actually know.


And they wonder why the childfree complain about the cult of the mommy and daddy. It's okay to call someone a fuckwitted pedophilic rodent-raper, but not call a child a crotch-dropping or a female parent a moo, or a male parent a duh, or shorten 'breeder-not-parent' to breeder.

I'm not sure I'll ever understand that.


I love you. Seriously. Such a marvelous summary of the same old song and dance. You also make a good point about how offensive it is to US to be treated like outcasts or second-class citizens or people who are incapable of realizing their own mind and desires.

It amuses me when people get so offended by those words considering 99% of the time when they're used, they're used in the exact same context as "raving bitch" or "insufferable brat", and all they are is to express our extreme frustration with people who behave like that. If they're so offended, maybe they oughta look closer at themselves and figure out why.

That's it, precisely.

I freely admit that I don't like some of the terminology. Some of it I find funny. But I see no point in getting horribly angry at someone who is ranting for using offensive words.

I mean, honestly, do they really think most of us go around telling parents that they're moos and duhs and calling their rugrats twattrophys and cuntdemons and crotchdroppings? Or even necessarily think of them that way?

childfree is like any other comm. It's got enough whiners to break a donkey's back and send it through the earth to the Indian Ocean. Not surprising when there are how many members? I admit that some of the childfree members apparently expect the world to cater to them as much as the parents in the world expect us to bow down. The kids of the world aren't going to disappear every time we go out in public.

And now I'm telling myself to let it go, because getting angry about it won't solve anything. I laugh at the childish posts, think about the thought-provoking ones, get angry at the medical profession a lot, and at the horrific things people find in the news about child abuse and such. If non-CF or non-CF-comm-friendly people can't laugh at the ridiculous too, it's their problem, not mine.

But for the two minor typos, I say, "Go, you!" It's ridiculous for people to be offended about your speaking freely, and in your own space, too!

Er, I sort of edit everything I read and don't always forget not to mention it. *g*