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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
It is remarkable

...the number of people who seem to miss the point of anniesj's post the other day.

When you bother to read Annie's post for content, rather than outrage, what you find is a young woman with a message:

Be careful what you say, even in jest, about the president. If someone reports you, you *will* get a visit from the Secret Service.

It's a simple message and one that many people should heed. At no point does Annie blame the USSS and she readily admits fault in that the people in paranoia-land (where the FBI, USSS and CIA dwell) could see her words as a threat against the president.

Frankly, I think asking God to smite a public official that I don't like in a highly embarrassing fashion is hardly an active threat against the official's life... but in paranoia-land they have to check out every possible one.

That isn't their fault.

Several people here on LJ, and elsewhere that I've seen, also seem to miss that most comments *to* Annie consist of "Gosh that sucks and the idiot who reported you is a real jerk" only in generally nastier terms.

Frankly, many in LJ-land are more offended that someone used the FBI/USSS to advance a personal grudge against the young woman, thus wasting time and money better spent upon real threats.

And I agree with them. Much of the hyperbole in her LJ is so over the top it's ridiculous -- Orwell, fascism, etc.. Yes, it's all excessive. But let us not lose sight of the fact somone with a grudge wasted the government's time and our money investigating this girl.

She hates the president -- so what? Lots of people hate the president and many of them reside in the United States. If thinking that he's horrid were an actionable offence, most of the people I know would be in federal custody.

But like many people, I'm planning to use my dislike of the current administration the legal way -- and try to vote it out of office.

And you know what? If you check later posts, that's just what dear little anniesj thinks you should do, too.

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