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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
As a reminder! What you can, where you can, when you can!

The devestation that Katrina has caused is hideous.

Do not get me wrong.

But remember that while people are giving money to the Red Cross and such for Katrina's victims, there are almost certainly people in need living near you as well.


Your local homeless shelters, food banks, and blood supplies are just as in need now as they were before the storm.

By all means send what aid you can to the survivors of Katrina, but don't forget those who are in need close to home as well.

As I said to diea in her journal, when she asked why all of this stuff, all at once?

It's a reminder to do what you can, where you can, when you can. If you cannot offer shelter to a hurricane survivor I bet there's a homeless shelter you can either volunteer at or give money to. Unable to send food? There are food banks all over the country (and, I'm sure, the world) that could use a little extra. Donating blood is always a good thing, because the Gods know hospitals are always in need of it (and I wish there was someone capable of finding my veins as I'm O neg.)

*hugs* all and Happy Labor Day to those celebrating it -- whatever, exactly, that's supposed to mean.

I mean, what are we supposed to do? Look for Jimmy Hoffa?

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So agree!

Great idea!

Yes, even though the devastation there is great, as is the need, there are many in this counry in dire straights still, and as it was after 9/11. Where will these needs get filled if it all goes there?

Not saying they don't need it they do, and I'm doing my part as much as possible to help, but they aren't the only ones needing help is all. People in MS are asking the same question why is it all going to NO? And I'm sure shelters,food pantries, and other places will feel the pinch because regular donaations they need to help their communiies will be going there.

This country should be able to help ALL in need, and there is no excuse for people needing to ration help. Why does it take a disaster of this magnitude to get help from everyone?

I hope those people get all the help they can and can rebuild their lives. I'm sending toys so these kids have some things to play with(a friend is paying for shipping) to the places where they are being temporarily housed. It's not a lot but it's what I can do.

But I know some cancer patient here may need comfort caps or a baby in a hospital a blanket so I will be sure to do as much on that end as well.

So you are so right. When a disaster hits local food banks, hospitals, vet clinics and all still have pressing needs as well. So we do need to keep that in mind.

A dear friend who has sent a lot in the way of food, clothes, money to Katrina survivors sent me money today to help buy my prescriptions. I made sure this was NOT taking away from those in need there. She assured me she has enough to help us both. But I can't tell you how much it meant!

I was only using my inhaler once every three days to make it last.I was only taking my blood pressure medicine every other day and my BP is high now. My doctor wasn't too happy at Mayo. But it is very expensive to buy 12 prescriptions a month even with insurance. Co-pays alone will break the bank.

Now I can get it filled and no feel guilty hat I might be taking away from someone else in need as well.

So remember people help them as much as you can, but please as Vas says, don't forget those out here in need (NOT asking for me)who weren't hit by this disaster but still need help none the less and if you can do both that's great!

Hugs, Christina