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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Tarnation, although given the second term in office, it was inevitable.

Our not-necessarily-beloved leader has an opportunity to appoint another justice to the Supreme court.

I think this sucks.

I think it has the potential to be fucking dangerous.

Thank you, oh so-called moral majority, for returning the lobotomized boxwood to office. I hope you're happy.

I still say the man's foreign policy, fanaticism, and general apparent stupidity is more than enough to have voted against him, even if you were opposed to gay marriage and abortion. The way he squandered the good will of the world is criminal.

...where are the roads and schools and infrastructure for Afghanistan? What of the promises made when we went to war with the Taliban? As justified as it may have been (and it's the only military action taken that I see any validity of argument for) where is the promised aid? Thank you, Stunted Rhododendron for making us look like liars and fools in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Thank you for convincing more people all over the world that the attack on the Twin Towers was justified.

...why the hell are we in Iraq again? Weapons of Mass Destruction? What drugs *did* you give Tony Blair to be your puppet, anyway? Or do you have something on him, since he'd never struck me as the blind following the halt before. Blame the CIA as much as you freaking want, oh Barren Chokeberry Bush -- you wanted an excuse to take out a personal vendetta on the world stage. I hope your'e satisfied with the civilian and military casualties and our inability to remove ourselves from the country -- just like everyone with a brain and the (often vicarious) memory of Vietnam predicted.

...Thank you, Oh-Aphid-Infested-Azalea-in-Chief, for proving just how bad American schools are when you can't tell the difference between Switzerland and Sweden, or find your ass with both hands and a map.

...The union of households in the legal sense in none of your damn business, O Wilted Bridal Wreath. My right to my body trumps your interest in any proto-human I might host. Your insistence on Abstinence Only will simply drive up abortion rates, welfare parents, and child- and spousal-abuse. Thank you so much for your belief that you can pry into my bedroom and my body without so much as a court order, much less a by-your leave.


Many thanks to http://www.whatprice.co.uk/gardening/shrubs.html for plant names ;)

Current Mood: scaredfrightened and angry
Current Music: Another Day in Paradise, Phil Collins

You rock so much. And you make excellant points, especially the part about Afghanistan because it's hardly talked about any more and yet we shouldn't allow ourselves to forget about the soldiers over there or the actions (or lack of action) we are taking.

I also can't help but be amused with your titles for Bush. :)

*blushes* Thank you.

I also can't help but be amused with your titles for Bush.

*grins* I had to look up some plant names, since calling him beh bollocksed-up-boxwood all the time would get old. I have to admit that it was rather fun.

In my best Elmer Fudd impression; "Be afraid, be very afraid."

That's all folks.....