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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Dear [Insert deity of choice here], I feel ill.

Man jailed for sexually assaulting woman on airplane.</a. *is sick* What do you suppose he said in his defence? "But she was so sexy, sleeping there in her pants and top, I had to touch her." Goddamnit, she should have been safe sleeping on a plane. Bastard.


OLD MEME! I read that on Fark.com like 2 days ago. :P

Hey, it was new to me when I came across it at childfree.

...and, I'm sorry, just just can't see Alan and what's-his-face the new Dumbledore. Ewww.


I'm reading childfree right now and it scares me. Though I am and plan to be childfree, I don't think I will join that community. o_O


Sleep is good, but think of all the things you can only do awake ;P

You are deliberately misinterpreting me! :P

I need to stop reading this community because it's upsetting me. heh


Well, sometimes there's really interesting stuff. And sometimes there's a bunch of whining. And sometimes it makes me think. But it isn't for everyone.

I think of it as customers_suck for ranting about bad parents, with some other interesting stuff thrown in.

I was reading a post and that's exactly what it made me think of. But I find that the tone in some of the posts is too ... harsh for me. So now I'm fiddling with other things before I go home. :D

Nothing wrong with that. I mostly just glance at the really bad ones and go, "dude, next."

As I've said, some of the name-calling and terminology *are* awful, IMNHO, but people have a right to use it.

...on a side note, I really hate 'crotchdropping'. Really. Bleh.

The one that got me was in the one post I read they said "A moo and two kids" or something. WTF? I think crotchdropping is funny but I'm crude like that. LOL I mean I wouldn't call a kid that but it still amuses me.