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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
My Prayers for President Bush

Given the brouhaha over anniesj yesterday, I've been thinking about the things that I do wish for George W. Bush, things that I am, in fact, willing to pray for.

Beloved Goddess:

1. It would be nice if President Bush were to lose in a totally humiliating fashion on Tuesday. I devoutly hope that the three-fold rule comes back and bites his political dreams firmly on the ass. I would be vastly entertained if Kerry were actually to lose the popular vote but carry the Electoral College. Mind you, I'd prefer that Kerry carry both, but the irony of Bush losing the same way he won would be very, very sweet.

2. It would be nice if the World Court could indict President Bush and his various cronies for War Crimes and if it would put him and Rumsfeld on trial for the horrors at Abu Ghraib. I am sorry, Mr. President, but you desired the title of commander-in-chief, you can have the attendant responsibilities as well. You are personally responsible for the actions of our men- and women-at-arms in the field and for their commanders. You are more than willing to take credit for their victories -- you must also be willing to take responsibility for their mistakes and are obligated to admit your culpability in their crimes.

3. It would be wonderful if President Bush were to wake up one morning with an epiphany. I think that waking insecure in the knowledge that he is a pretentious, overbearing, lying asshat who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people -- American and foreign alike -- would be fabulous. Nothing punishes like a guilty conscience, and I devoutly pray that someone wrap one up in glittery paper and give it to him for Election Day.

4. Finally, I don't wish any harm upon President Bush other than what he inflicts upon himself and his reputation. I just pray that he will stop smearing the rest of the United States with his bullshit.

All of that said, if you're American: vote your conscience and vote your heart. You don't have to agree with me, but in the name of everything we all hold dear, take responsibility for *being* American and VOTE! The system doesn't work without active participation.

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