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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]

I tried out my new Dyson vacuum last night and...

Wow. It's really amazing.

ETA: Just finished the Family Room. Yes, oh-dearly-loved-step-sister-of-mine, the WHOLE thing, except for, say, moving the recliners and getting back there. Even the area in front of the bathroom, sewing room (which I braved yesterday, I'll have everyone know, other than the bedroom that was mom's definitive space), and next to the kitchen.

Okay, I didn't move the redundant microwave that was on the floor, or the bins with the Christmas decorations.


And the bloody thing is relatively quiet. The other vacuums in this household could wake the dead (and given how hard I sleep, have done, actually). While it isn't silent, by any means, it still isn't horribly loud.

*is impressed*


I went to a very scary place just now. *giggles*


Actually, it *is* pretty scary if it managed to encourage me to actually, *gasp* move things to vacuum underneath. Anyone who knows my indifferent housekeeping skills (which work out to, yes, it's messy, so what?) it's a remarkable thing.

...course I have totally the wrong equipment for the really scary experimentation, but... *snikers,mars bars,three musketeers*


I hear ya on the cleaning. I need to vacuum my living room. Blech.

Mom and I used to argue about it, in a civilized sort of way. She always had a vague desire for House Beautiful and I was always of the attitude "The only people who come here love us, they don't care about an extraneous pair of socks or the fact we haven't vacuumed in a couple (okay, more than a couple) of weeks."

I just don't have people over. Except for my mom and she's always like "you need to vacuum lyn" and I'm like "whatever. psh" LOL :P