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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
Rambling on about body image, perfectionism, self-worth and self acceptance

I found this while perusing iulia_linnea's journal for fic updates.

Why is it so hard for people to accept themselves?

It's about whether you can accept yourself as you are.

I see myself trying to reach some kind of perfection, only I rather fear it will become a self-competition that I will lose because where I had mostly accepted myself, now I am set against myself in one of the most primitive ways a person can be.

It's not a bad thing, losing weight and trying to become healthier in at least this one (not-so) small way. But the consequences seem to be much more far-reaching than I had really anticipated.

And, if katieupsidedown is correct, it's something close to universal.

So I wonder, is this part of what makes the US, and by extension some other parts of the world, as desperately unhappy as much of it seems to be? Is the inability to accept self a trigger for the rampant consumerism that obesses much of our world?

I'm so frequently confronted with 'What's your secret?'

The secret that is no secret, because we all know the phrase 'diet and exercise.'

I've mentioned the magic-pill thing before, the desire to be told that there is a magic spell that will just *fix* the problem.

Is it something as simple and as profound as the basic inability to accept oneself as one is?

I have, on occasion, called myself a perfectionist when I'm working on something. In school I preferred not to turn things in rather than turn in things that were poorly done... this got me into a great deal of trouble in grade school.

But I have to wonder, is that perfectionism, lacking a better term for it, what drives people to extremes of caring or not caring about such superficial things as weight? I realize some of the issue is unquestionably biological, I recall seeing bits of studies about beauty as perceived by infants who have yet to be socialized by societal norms. But surely that can't be the whole of it.

I lose weight, I strive to lose more as much because I can't seem to say to myself 'okay, that's a good place to stop.' Of course, I still weigh close to 400lbs, so there's a certain logic to that, but I can see, vaguely, how I could reach 120 and still think I was fat, still believe I had to lose more weight.

No one can reach perfection. We're human, mortal, and un-airbrushed in real life.

Is it the media? Or is the media influenced by the general belief that we none of us are good enough as we are? Do they find us idols to raise up and tear down because of our own inferiority complexes?

Who is to blame? Is there anyone to blame? Society, biology, numerology... Capitalism, consumerism, mysticism.

How much of it is driven by the belief that we are not good enough, that we cannot be good enough?

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