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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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March 2014
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
I just realized...

I didn't tell y'all. Adopted me a cat, currently being called BellaBella, or Bella, although it seems to be mutating to Purrabella, or possibly Parabola. She's currently asleep next to me with her ears twitching cutely. I'll have to figure out where the recharging cord is for the digital and take a picture of her.

Oh, and people who declaw their cats are monsters. Poor baby always looks a bit confused when instinct tells her to knead what's under her feet poor thing.

Also, people who declaw their cats and then leave them somewhere to become strays need to be beaten, shot, stabbed, drawn, quartered (well, maybe just racked, since they need to live through the next bit), and burned at the stake while wearing an oxygen tank and hyped up on simulants so they can't pass out during the fesitivites.

Yes, my purring, chatting, following-Vasaris-around BellaBella was declawed and spayed by her previous owners and then found wandering as a stray, poor thing. Unable to hunt or defend herself, it's a marvel that someone found her and took her to a shelter. I'm glad she survived, but I'd like to do some terrible things to her previous owner(s).

But she's a lovely thing, who is no longer hiding from me in random locations, although she was most put out when I went to bed last night (I'd let her sleep with me, but I *am* allergic to cats, so despite my willingness to live on Actifed, there are limits...)

Hugs, all.


:( My cat is declawed. She was declawed before we really knew how bad it was to declaw cats. Am I still a monster????

Well, not if you didn't know. As bad as de-clawing is, it's the fact that she was a stray that horrifies me the most. Unfortunately lots of people fail to find out how bad it really is before they have it done.

Now, if you did it again, I'd be most upset with ya. I suppose it should read "declaw and abandon."

Ooh. I would never do that. And I won't do it again either. My mom said she would. :( But we don't ever let our cats outside. And we have never really lived in a place where it has been easy for them to get out - read: apartments mostly. So they get out in the hall. LOL

I got my other cat - who still has her claws - this scratchy thing that hangs on the doorknob but she likes my couch better. :( And the walls. LOL

Does your mom really understand it's the equivalent of chopping your fingers off at the first knuckle? *boggles at the idea of doing it twice once a person understands that*

Oh, I saw an ad-thing at the shelter for these little protective sleeve things that you can have applied to a cats claws as an alternative to de-clawing that looked interesting.

The cat we had when I was a kid had a scratching post, she enjoyed sitting on it and clawing the couch as I recall. ;)

The odd thing with Bella is that I can see her go to do things most cats do -- knead the floor/blanket beneath her feet, take little swipes at the air, and I swear you can see this vaguely confused look on her face as her claws don't do what she's expecting them to do.

The de-clawing also seems to have had an effect on her personality, in that she's more timid than one might expect -- knowing your primary defese isn't worth much shows when in listening distance of barking dogs. In the interview room at the shelter, where they let to spend some time with your proposed adoptee, you can hear the dog kennel and they were very noisy. Poor BellaBella would just start to settle down and then *boom* barks and you could almost see a panicked 'Oh, no! What can I do' expression on her face. It wasn't just the 'who the hell are they and OMG dogs' sort of thing one would expect. It's hard to describe.

I just clip my 'Malkin's claws regularly to keep them from getting too entirely needlelike (happy kneading+needle claws=OUCH), and he's fine. He knows by now (I've had him since he was a kitten, and he's twelve now) that I won't hurt him, and he doesn't struggle or fuss during the process. (He purrs, even.)

Yeah, I told her that. *shrugs* It's not that she's a cruel person or anything, she just looks at animals differently. She has no plans either to have another cat so it's kind of a moot point. She's allergic. :P

My one cat who is declawed, it didn't change her personality one bit. Not that I can tell/remember. She still claws at things and grabs at things and she's just as insane as she was before we got her declawed. LOL

Awww. Thanks for helping the Bella. (Pictures! We want pictures!)

And I totally agree with you on the declawing issue.