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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon
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Vasaris, the Fuzzy Dragon [userpic]
An interesting link, particularly if you like your dairy prices to be low.

Big business and the USDA get together to shaft the little guy... and by extension the rest of us.

Okay, some of you aren't in the US, and thus it's of little interest to you. The rest of you may or may not have local dairys that are being caught up in this. Where I live there are several, the one that supplies milk to the store where I work being, in fact, just one of them. Even were it not the case, I am profoundly offended by the whole deal.

Kroger, Dairy Farmers of America, and Dean foods have gotten together to put family dairy farms out of business because, OMG local businesses with lower operating and delivery costs are able to undercut their prices and, OH NOES force them to take a hit locally in their profits if they try and compete.


Why the USDA has sided with big business because, oh waaaaaaaaambulance take me away!, they're experiencing the woes of a free-market economy (read $$$ in the right hands, at a guess) is beyond me. The government is supposed to protect us from cartels and price fixing... so this is bullshit. Why local dairys, which employ a fairly significant portion of the local population, should be forced to limit their own milk production and pay fines and/or throw out their milk if they overproduce just to keep the coroporate dairy farms in their huge profits is something I'm failing to understand. If the resoning was that dairy farms (all of them, not just the producer-handlers) should change their practices for other reasons (bovine growth hormones, conditions the cows are kept in, etc.) I'd applaud the whole idea, but if it is just so that big business can keep doing big business, then it's complete bullshit.

So, if you *do* live in the US, please take a look at this site and if you agree with me, send in a letter to the USDA (they've even got a handy form, so you can write in scathing comments if you wish!) regarding this issue.


Naturally I submitted a letter.

It turns out what I've been looking for is a producer-handler to buy from. Unfortunately, it looks like there aren't any around here, so that means either spending a lot of gas, or buying milk under the table. (I'll take my chances with raw milk if I can get it.)

I got this cute little email from the USDA basically saying 'oh, we're looking at your objections. Really. We are. But we're terribly busy so we can't address them directly right now.' I imagine you've seen it.

Yep. I truly believe that the guy in charge has scanned my little diatribe, yes sirree bob, I'm sure of it. /sarcasm

Ah, well, all one can do is try.